Poor Service Equals Free Appetizers and Dessert

We were going to cook out tonight, but instead decided to go out to dinner. We hit up PF Chang's. It's been a while since we were there, so we figured "why not?" It's Memorial Day and it's beautiful out, it should be pretty easy to get in. And it was. The place was only about half full. We sat and ordered an appetizer and then looked over the menu. The waiter came back to take our entree order and then we waited. And waited. And waited. We waited a half hour for our freakin' appetizer to come. And when it did, it was bone cold. So we sent it back only to get another one that was just as cold. By this time we were both starving and just ate it. They tried bringing us a third one (which I'm sure was also bone cold), but we said not to. Even when they brought it to the table. The manager came over and apologized, in a really superficial way, and said not to worry, it would be taken off the bill. We ate it and then waited. And waited. And waited for dinner. Because of the wait, the superficial manager came over and said dessert was on her, as well. Which was a good thing because Ken's dinner was cold, too. He had given up and just ate it. My dinner was still hot. He decided not to say anything to the manager, which I thought was the wrong thing to do. He said we were getting free dessert out of it, so he was happy with that. He ordered a coffee to go with dessert. Making sure all three courses were consistent, the coffee was cold. Well, not cold, but cold for coffee. Barely warm is probably a better description. It's ridiculous. I don't know what the hell was going on with the kitchen, but they sucked out loud. The food was still good, but it would have been better hot.


Sasha said...

In a case like that, it's not the kitchen, it's the wait staff not getting their orders out quickly enough. Bad dining experiences suck. :(

(F)redddy said...

And when you're eating cat, you want to make sure its served at the right temperature. Let me guess...you desert was hot?