Every Day In May - Day Eight

What a great day today was, overall. I just finished watching one of the best episodes of Survivor EVER (I won't spoil it for you since it just ended 15 minutes ago, Eastern time). I got home from work to discover an item from my Amazon wishlist had arrived in the mail. There was also my bi-weekly box of comics waiting for me. And if that's not enough, I also won the grand prize in a contest at ComicMix.com and that was waiting for me, as well. It was a GIGANTIC envelope of comics, too. On the work front, I managed to surpass the goal I set for myself in accumulating comp time today. I now have 100.25 hours to use at my leisure. That's about 13 days off, bitches! Oh, and I got a ride home from work tonight, too. It was too chilly to walk and I didn't have to take the bus. Hoorah!!!!

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