Every Day In May - Day Thirty-One

I did it. I managed to post something here every single day this month. I'm really proud of myself. I figured I would drop the ball somewhere in the middle of the month. There were a couple nights I climbed into bed and shut the light off when I remembered that I was supposed to post something. I got up, jotted something down and then went back to bed.

Don't look for as many entries in June. It's not gonna happen.


Every Day In May - Day Twenty-Nine

I'm a pig. No other way to put it really. When there's food porn around, that's all I'm about. Today at work I come in to find out that Rosey was pissed off at me for not mentioning my birthday again. She realized it yesterday, so she went home and baked a lemon cake and chocolate peanut butter brownies and brought them in today. Rosey is an amazing baker. I bet she could take liver, dog poo and belly button lint and create the most amazing dessert out of it. Anyway, she baked all this goodness and I naturally partook in it. I decided for a small piece of cake and two brownies. Then, when that was gone, I got another brownie. And then a fourth one. They were sooooooo good, I couldn't help myself. Of course I felt like shit after the fact. Who wouldn't? A little while after lunch, I started coming down from my sugar high. That's a terrible feeling because all you want to do is curl up in a ball and take a nap. I figured my walk home tonight was going to be sheer agony, but I was surprised to find that it was very, very pleasant and I even added an extra mile to the walk. I know I didn't undo the damage from today, but hopefully I slowed it down a little. For dinner I made a big ass salad full of veggies. I didn't think I'd be hungry, but I was. These are a couple pics I snapped with my crappy ass cell phone of the food porn.


Every Day In May - Day Twenty-Eight

Three more days...

One thing I'm really bad at is responding to the various and sundry comments that people leave here on my blog. It's a big thrill for me that people actually read it and leave comments. Please don't be offended if I don't respond to your comments. I do read them all and I respond in my head. That's gotta count for something, right? So right here, right now, I'm just going to respond a little (and probably very poorly) to recent comments. (Hey, you try leading the dull life I do and do a blog post every day for a month and see what you come up with. LOL)

Karla, Sasha & Holly - I did write PF Chang's back tonight and sent them my address. We'll see what kind of comps I get. I really didn't write them looking for free stuff, just to blow off some steam. We'll see how soon I get back there, though.

- This is only the second time I've been to PF Chang's. First time was opening day when we wandered in and lucked into seating. That visit was a very positive one. Every other time I've tried to go back, the wait was a joke, so it never happened until this week.

(F)reddy - Actually, yes, the dessert was hot, but it was intended to be served hot. Banana spring rolls. I also got a chocolate dome cake thingie that was incredibly chocolatey. Me likey.

Sasha (again) - You know, you say it was more of a waitstaff issue than a kitchen issue, and I would have agreed except for when the entrees came out, mine was piping hot as it should be and Ken's was stone cold. Wouldn't that be a kitchen issue? I know you know way more about this than I do, so I value your opinion on this. And I might learn a thing or two, too. Hurrah!

Nessa - Does it make me extra trashy and ultra ghetto that I Love Money is going to be the highlight of my television viewing summer? Then so be it! I hope they didn't show all the good stuff in that preview.

(F)reddy - While I don't know you all that well, I'm guessing you were telling the truth about the thonged midget looking like someone you used to date. I imagine that's the way (F)reddy rolls!

J Z - To be honest, I was a little freaked at first by the unread portion of your email. My initial reaction was "wow, how does he know that" followed by me losing a little bit of the color in my face. I've never made a secret about any of my life, but it's a little weird when someone calls me on it. I think I'm more amused than anything by it. I've come to the conclusion that either (a) you used to live here or (b) you spent a little bit of time playing with Google. I'm guessing it's more (a). How long ago did you live here?

Gregg - I hate that I've been so out of touch with you lately. I miss the fuck out of you.

Wow, wasn't that exciting?


Every Day In May - Day Twenty-Seven

So I wrote to PF Chang's website complaining about yesterday's meal. I wasn't looking for anything other than to blow off some steam. Now they want my address to send me a meal voucher. I got free dessert and appetizer yesterday, isn't that enough? Half of me is saying that it is, the other half is saying to write them with my address. What should I do? Decisions, decisions.


Poor Service Equals Free Appetizers and Dessert

We were going to cook out tonight, but instead decided to go out to dinner. We hit up PF Chang's. It's been a while since we were there, so we figured "why not?" It's Memorial Day and it's beautiful out, it should be pretty easy to get in. And it was. The place was only about half full. We sat and ordered an appetizer and then looked over the menu. The waiter came back to take our entree order and then we waited. And waited. And waited. We waited a half hour for our freakin' appetizer to come. And when it did, it was bone cold. So we sent it back only to get another one that was just as cold. By this time we were both starving and just ate it. They tried bringing us a third one (which I'm sure was also bone cold), but we said not to. Even when they brought it to the table. The manager came over and apologized, in a really superficial way, and said not to worry, it would be taken off the bill. We ate it and then waited. And waited. And waited for dinner. Because of the wait, the superficial manager came over and said dessert was on her, as well. Which was a good thing because Ken's dinner was cold, too. He had given up and just ate it. My dinner was still hot. He decided not to say anything to the manager, which I thought was the wrong thing to do. He said we were getting free dessert out of it, so he was happy with that. He ordered a coffee to go with dessert. Making sure all three courses were consistent, the coffee was cold. Well, not cold, but cold for coffee. Barely warm is probably a better description. It's ridiculous. I don't know what the hell was going on with the kitchen, but they sucked out loud. The food was still good, but it would have been better hot.

Every Day In May - Day Twenty-Six

This every day in May stuff is finally almost over. I only have to go until Saturday and I've done it.

Today is going to be a 'stay away from the computer' day. I've been up for three hours already and I've managed to go for an hour long walk, stopped at Home Depot, reseeded the lawn and now I'm watering the seed in. Not bad considering it's only 10 o'clock. The rest of the day is going to be spent lazing around. There is going to be at least one nap in there somewhere, as well.

So that's it for today.


Every Day In May - Day Twenty-Five

Today is my friend Rob's birthday. Happy 41st! We're getting fucking old.

Weigh in today was a big surprise. I hit 194. I was hoping and praying it wasn't higher than 196. I overdid the food yesterday and thought it would have a big impact on me. Now I wish I stayed good because I might have seen 193! Slow and steady wins the race. I'm getting there slowly but surely.

The weather today was spectacular. High 70s, sunny, beautiful. I sat out in the backyard this afternoon to read and ended up asleep for an hour. I really needed the nap. I've been a cranky bitch all day. Just so fucking tired. Yesterday was exhausting and I planned on sleeping in as late as possible this morning. Because of this, the cats woke me up at 6:43 am fighting. Lucy ran away and Ollie settled back down and I shut my eyes in time for my alarm to go off. WTF? I don't remember setting it last night, but I must have done it out of habit. Shut that off and nodded back in and out of consciousness for two more hours. Got up and walked six miles. Ken wanted to go up to a nursery, so I tagged along, but that ended up being a nightmare for me as we went from one to another to another. Got way more than I bargained for. At least we stopped for frozen yogurt. And by frozen yogurt, I mean Ken got that and I changed my mind and got a flavor of ice cream called Brownie Batter. It was delicious. Of course I later felt guilty about the ice cream and took another walk before dinner. This time it was only about four miles.

Best part about stopping for ice cream today... As we're finishing up our cones, Ken gets up, takes his keys and throws them in the trash can and starts to walk away. I happened to witness this and asked him "Did you just throw your keys away?" He looked at his hand, then looked at me and "yes." Then he had to fish them out. I'm still cracking up about that.

I'm still pooped. My big plans for tonight are to watch the last two episodes of Doctor Who, maybe read a little and then crash hard. I'm so glad tomorrow is a holiday. I need a day to recover from my weekend.


Every Day In May - Day Twenty-Three

This is turning out to be a really good day. I took it off from work because I deserved a four day weekend. Well, that and I was getting close to having too much time on my timesheet at work and I didn't want to lose any. My plans for today are mostly not fun, but I don't care. I've got three more days off following today. But I find I'm really enjoying myself. I started off the morning cleaning. So far, I've finished up the kitchen (well, the dishwasher isn't finished yet, but once it is, and the dishes are put away, it'll be done), living room, dining room, the laundry (well, the basket of clean clothes is sitting on the bed... I'll do that shortly), ran to BJ's for cat litter, peanuts and water, took an hour long walk and have about 3/4 of the bathroom done. It's been a very productive day and I'm doing it at my pace, which is the best thing. I'm going to have a clean house and the rest of the weekend to chill out. Kind of. Saturday we have more plans. My friends Lynn & Lori need help. I think we're helping build their new office (is that right Lynn?) and they need Ken's expertise in designing another garden bed. Last year he helped them out with one and it turned out awesome. It'll be fun to get together with them, too. We don't do it nearly enough anymore.

Please enjoy a picture of a midget in a thong.


Every Day In May - Day Twenty-Two

Okay, twenty-two days and counting... This is where this gets tricky. I've got a four day weekend from work and I hope I don't get sidetracked and miss a day. I'm so close to finishing out the month with a perfect score.

I know I've said this elsewhere already, but I'm really overwhelmed by all the love I felt for my birthday this year. Seriously. I know I whined that I wanted to feel the love, but in no way was I prepared for it. I'm the luckiest boy in the world. And the love hasn't stopped all week. Today was particularly special. I got a couple of presents in the mail and I got a really amazing email from a friend today (yes, you Diane). I'm glad my birthday only comes once a year. I don't know if I could handle this every day. LOL.

Because I'm such white trash, I squealed with glee last night when I read that VH-1 is bringing back Charm School, only this time with Sharon Osborne as the mentor to the Rock Of Love (both seasons) girls. I can't wait for this to start. But in the meantime, I have I Love Money (featuring Rock of Love girls, Flavor of Love girls and I Love New York guys) all making fools of themselves for cash. Hot diggity dog.


Every Day In May - Day Twenty-One

Like I do frequently, here is something stolen directly from Nicole's blog:


  • First job: paperboy
  • First screen name: Hewhobe
  • First funeral: my friend Ray
  • First pet: hamster
  • First piercing: right ear
  • First tattoo: n/a
  • First credit card: probably Visa
  • First kiss: Larry
  • First enemy: Tommy


  • Last car ride: to work this morning
  • Last kiss: Ken
  • Last movie watched: in the theater it was For Your Consideration
  • Last beverage drank: Crystal Light strawberry/orange/banana juice
  • Last food consumed: 100 calorie snack cake
  • Last phone call: Ken
  • Last time showered: 6:45 this morning
  • Last CD played: Jackie DeShannon HER OWN KIND OF LIGHT
  • Last website visited: http://davesworld56.blogspot.com/


  • Single or taken: taken
  • Gender: male
  • Birthday: May 18
  • Sign: Taurus
  • Siblings: one of each
  • Hair color: brown with some gray
  • Eye color: blue
  • Shoe size: 13
  • Height: 6' 3 3/4″
  • Wearing: blue dress shirt & jeans
  • Drinking: nothing currently
  • Thinking about: recording Dial "H" in a little bit
  • Listening to: Loretta Lynn GOLD



Every Day In May - Day Nineteen

My night isn't going exactly as I had planned. By now I wanted to be laying in bed reading, but instead I'm on the computer. Got home early from work, played online for a little bit, threw a load of laundry in and figured I'd get off the computer pretty early. And I did. I asked Ken if he wanted to go to the mall to walk for a little bit. I was very surprised when he said yes. You see, I had planned on walking home from work tonight, but when I left the building, I realized it was FREEZING out. Too cold to walk. But I needed to do something a little active. So that walk threw my whole night off. I still need to write a birthday and a sympathy card, put the laundry away and then I can read. And I guess I'm not watching TV tonight either. Bah.


Every Day In May - Day Eighteen

Aka.. The Birthday Post.

First, though, I have to say that I managed to rebound from all the emotional eating this week. It was hard trying to not shove food in my mouth the last few days, but it paid off. I weighed 195 again today, and actually, I was .1 lbs heavier last Sunday. I feel really good about that. Really, really good. I'm going to blow it all this evening, though, with the Brownie Sundae Cheesecake I got from Cheesecake Factory. It's calling me from the fridge right now, but I'm trying to ignore it until after dinner. We'll see what happens.

Overall, it's been a fantastic birthday. I'm overwhelmed by all the well wishes. I usually don't try to make a big deal out of my birthday, but this year I kind of did. I made sure I announced it on the podcast and, well, basically threatened the listeners to call in with birthday wishes. And they responded. Boy did they ever. I know I haven't seen the end of birthday wishes yet. I know for a fact that I have at least one more birthday card coming. My friend Tanya NEVER misses anyone's birthday. EVER. I wish I was as reliable as she is. I suck at all things birthday related. If I acknowledge 15% of the birthdays that come, I think I'm doing good. I have good intentions, but my head is usually so far up my ass that by the time I'm ready to send well wishes, I've missed my opportunity.

My big present this year was having three new ceiling lights installed in three rooms upstairs. I also got a new exterior light. I was supposed to get a new garbage disposal, but when we found out how much it was going to cost to have a new circuit installed for it, that was the end of that. I think, instead, having the driveway re-sealed is going to be the substitute gift. It's funny... Ken has given up asking me what I want for my birthday (because the answer is always "nothing") and started using my birthday as an excuse to do home improvement things. One year, I got a new side door for the house. I've also received a new ceiling light in the dining room, a new outside light, a new outlet on the outside of the house, I got the ice maker in the freezer hooked up..... You get the idea.

I need a nap now.


Every Day In May - Day Seventeen

It's getting late and I almost missed doing this. That would have sucked.

I was asked to be on Melanie's podcast tonight. It was fun and I was joined by Holly & Nessa as well. Right now we're all still on Skype with Melanie even though we stopped recording hours ago. Since then we've all been online shopping. The ladies are all looking at shoes now and I don't care much about that, so I'm typing this up.

One more day and I'm 42. Hurrah!


Every Day In May - Day Sixteen

I'm pretty disgusted with myself right now. Got on the scale first thing this morning and I'm up almost 4 1/2 pounds since Sunday. Now I know my weight fluctuates on a daily basis, and I can hopefully get it down by Sunday's weigh in, but seeing that number on the scale hurt. It was 199.9. I know I've had a shitty week and I tend to be an emotional eater, so I have no one to blame but myself. I can only imagine what the number would have been if I haven't been in walking overdrive this week. I've walked home from work every day this week, and a couple of those days I've tried taking even longer routes than normal home.

I got a good night of sleep last night and I'm going to try and face the world undefeated today. I've got 4 hours worth of podcasts to lose myself in and I'm hoping and praying I'll be left alone long enough to listen.


Every Day In May - Day Fifteen

Okay, we're half way through the month and I haven't missed a day. So far, so good.

Today was another poopy day. I had absolutely no patience for anyone or anything. And if you are one of the stupid people I work with, I had even less patience for you than normal. In fact, one of the fucking idiots I work with was really and truly asking to be punched in the throat. But I held back.

I'm feeling much better now, though. Ken and I went out to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and that filled me up. I got home a short while ago and have been Twittering with some friends and having a genuinely fun time. I know it's small, but it was really something I needed today. I think this is the first time I've smiled all day long. Sad, isn't it?

One of my co-workers had today off. She had to bring her dog in for oral surgery today. The dog has had some dental problems and an infection. She was going to have about four teeth removed and hopefully that was going to be enough to fix her. Only things didn't go quite as planned. The poor doggie had fifteen teeth removed. I feel horrible for her. Fifteen teeth. And the dog is on morphine right now and has to spend the night at the vet. The baby must be terrified. Stories like this just break my heart. I'm sure she'll pull through this, but now she's going to be a special needs dog missing all those teeth.

I'm thrilled it's finally going to be Friday. This week kicked my ass and I'm ready for it to be over. Plus, my birthday is this weekend and I'm going to use it as an excuse to do absolutely nothing.


Every Day In May - Day Fourteen

Damn, I'm feeling poopy. I need someone to hit me upside the head or something, because I'm really getting sick of it. Sometimes, at least in my opinion, it feels good to feel bad. I know it sounds fucked, but it helps for me to put everything in perspective. You don't feel the highs without feeling the lows. That kind of shit.

Anyway, I was talking with a friend today about how I've been feeling like crap for a while now. I don't have any idea why or what's brought it on, but I haven't been feeling myself. And it's getting tired. Everything at home is great. Work is mostly the same (though I'm kind of training someone now and I hate that). The only thing that's any bit out of the ordinary is my sleep patterns. I'm not sleeping as much as I'd like and I do know the cause of that. The cats. They've both taken to sleeping with us and I love it. I absolutely adore it. Puss Patrell would never sleep with us at night. She'd come in and lay with me for a while, but then she'd leave. Ollie has been a consistent bed sleeper since we've had him and Lucy has just started sleeping with us on a regular basis. Ollie, being the jealous little fucker that he is, usually decides somewhere in the middle of the night that he wants to sleep where Lucy is and he attacks her. They fight, she leaves and he goes back to sleep. The fight usually takes place on me. Which is so fucking joyful. FINGER! And did I mention that the cats sleep with me and not Ken. They make it a point of sleeping on me or as far up against me as possible. They mostly avoid Ken. He likes it and so do I.

I don't have an ending for this post. I just wanted to complain and I did. I feel a little better now. Off to bed!


Every Day In May - Day Thirteen

I just climbed into bed and it hit me that I didn't post a blog today. This is a total cheat because I'm tired and going to bed anyway. But I posted something. So there.


Every Day In May - Day Twelve

Wow. Today was a pretty shitty day. I'm glad it's over and I'm just about to climb into bed to be with my stack o' comics.

I had an appointment with my doctor today. Actually, it was with the physician assistant. Got the results of my blood work. I've posted here before about my cholesterol being slightly out of whack. I've been working really hard to bring the number back to where it should be. Normal cholesterol should be 200 or below. Mine was 210. Not too much out of whack, but enough that it's above where it needs to be. The doctor put me on Niaspan to help bring my numbers down. I've also been taking an Omega 3 supplement. On top of all that, I added daily oatmeal into my diet. You've seen the commercials. Eat oatmeal for 30 days and your cholesterol will drop. So for three months I've been eating it, missing only two days (though one was after I went and had the blood drawn, so that doesn't count.)

I get to the doctor's office five minutes before my appointment. It was at 8, the time the office opens. I check in and sit. In the meantime, five people who have all come in after me get seen by their doctors. And I sat. For 30 minutes. Nothing like that to piss me off first thing in the morning. I get in to see the PA and he gives me my results. My cholesterol has climbed 9 more points. WTF? He says it's nothing to worry about. I'm very healthy otherwise. My heart sounds fantastic, my blood pressure is amazing (it was 90 / 70 which scared the crap out of me, but he assured me it was great), my weight loss is continuing. But I still feel like shit. I felt like I studied all weekend for a test only to fail it. And that's when the old Walter came out. I moped around all day. I stuffed my face with cookies (and not just any cookies, but Fudge Fancies. They're about the size of a half dollar and they have 130 calories each.) We went out to dinner tonight and even though I wasn't hungry, I stuffed myself. I felt defeated and this is how it came out. Is it any wonder I was 300 pounds? I'm trying to tell that Walter to go fuck off and not to come back. I hope it works.

At work today I had two things that irritated me. First, the new guy. He was near my desk doing some filing. I happened to turn around while he was bent over only to get a good view of his ass crack. And not just the tip. I bet he was showing about 3 inches. And then shortly after that, some asshole decided that they needed to reapply their perfume. By the gallon. And it was a scent that I'm allergic to. My right eye instantly dried up and turned red and itchy. My left eye did, too, but not as bad. This is after a reminder email was sent out last week to be aware that this isn't acceptible because people do have allergies. Whatever.

After dinner tonight I was feeling guilty about loading up with food. I took a power walk and started feeling a little better about myself. Now it's about 8:30 and I'm going to sign off the computer, climb into bed, try to figure out how Parvati beat Amanda at last night's Survivor finale and then read some comics.

Tomorrow is going to be a better day.


Every Day In May - Day Eleven

Weighed myself this morning and I was 195. I hit 195 a couple weeks ago and this is the first time since that I've been back there. I'm pretty excited.

So yesterday I estimated that I walked about 7 1/2 miles. Out of sheer curiosity, I went to Walk Jog Run, a website that will help you plot out and measure walking, jogging and running routes. I put in my route and found it was only 7 miles, not 7 1/2. No big deal. I also popped in this morning's route and it was just shy of 6 miles. I also did an afternoon walk because I went overboard with lunch and added just over 4 1/2 more miles to my total for today. Ten freakin' miles. My legs are sore and I see no need in walking anymore today. I hope I did enough to counteract the burger, fries and spinach and artichoke dip I had for lunch. I'm pretty sure my lunch today was double the number of calories I should eat in a day. That's why it's soooo good.

My government cheese check (aka the economic stimulus check) isn't due to arrive until sometime this coming week, but for some reason it was sitting in my bank account on Saturday morning when I checked. I've probably spent the check six different ways in my mind already, but now that I have it, I need to figure out exactly what I'm going to be doing with it. So far, the only thing I've done is purchase these shirts. I'm such a super fag sometimes. I'm guessing they'll be here next week sometime. An early birthday present to myself.


Every Day In May - Day Ten

Almost shut the computer down without posting something here first. That would have been bad.

Not much to report. Holly inspired me today to do something I haven't done in quite a while. She's been making it a habit, it seems, of going beyond the call of duty in the walking department. She's been known to do up to 11 miles in a day. Bitch. So I was out for my walk this morning. I usually do between 3 1/2 and 4 miles, depending on my mood and the route I take. I was doing the 4 mile one today. About about 3 1/2 miles, I realized I wasn't the slightest bit tired, so instead of finishing up, I turned around and back tracked my route, adding a different street to walk down here and there. All told, I did about 7 1/2 miles today. I felt really good about it. I hope it was enough to counteract the big plate of deep fried seafood I had for dinner tonight. We'll see tomorrow morning, won't we?


Every Day In May - Day Nine

Because if I can't steal from Venus or Nicole, then why bother doing a blog?

One word answers only.

1. Where is your cell phone? pocket

2. Who is your significant other? Ken

3. Your hair? short

4. Your mother? hillbilly

5. Your father? bald

6. Your favorite thing? comics

7. Your favorite drink? dr.pepper

8. Your dream/goal? close

9. The room you're in? comics

10. Your fear? humanity

11. Your dream last night? missing

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? wealthy

13. Where were you last night? bed

14. What you're not? drunk

15. Muffins? chocolate!!

16. One of your wish list items? subscription

17. Where you grew up? moving

18. The last thing you did? ate

19. What are you wearing? jeans

20. Your TV? off

21. Your Pets? kitties

22. Your computer? Sebastian


Every Day In May - Day Eight

What a great day today was, overall. I just finished watching one of the best episodes of Survivor EVER (I won't spoil it for you since it just ended 15 minutes ago, Eastern time). I got home from work to discover an item from my Amazon wishlist had arrived in the mail. There was also my bi-weekly box of comics waiting for me. And if that's not enough, I also won the grand prize in a contest at ComicMix.com and that was waiting for me, as well. It was a GIGANTIC envelope of comics, too. On the work front, I managed to surpass the goal I set for myself in accumulating comp time today. I now have 100.25 hours to use at my leisure. That's about 13 days off, bitches! Oh, and I got a ride home from work tonight, too. It was too chilly to walk and I didn't have to take the bus. Hoorah!!!!


Every Day In May - Day Seven

One week down, three more to go!! Yay me!

I've had a weird roller coaster day today. Started out pretty good. I was in a decent mood. Got to work and had an elevator all to myself *and* it didn't stop on the 2nd floor (cafeteria) on the way up. We had a full building fire drill, so I got to be away from my desk for a while. The Employee Suggestion Team, which I'm a part of, had a quarterly celebration, so that meant snacking. Got back from that in time for lunch. How much better could today get? Well, the post-lunch digestion kicked in and I saw my mood go from sunshine and roses to dog poo and death. Okay, maybe not quite that severe, but I definitely did an about face. I'm sure it has everything in the world to do with my snacking at the celebration. I think my blood sugar shot way up and once it started coming down, so did I. Hard. I don't think I've quite made it back to normal yet, but I'm getting close. The walk home from work tonight helped a lot. Not only did I burn off some of the cookies, but I got a chance to just chill with myself for a while. I need that a lot lately, it seems.

Also during my down period today, I started to reevaluate all the podcasts I listen to. I listen to too many, I think. But I sometimes feel obligated to listen to a lot of them. When I got home tonight, I axed a couple. I probably need to axe a couple more, but I'll do baby steps.


Every Day In May - Day Six

Okay, here's a better picture of me all dolled up from the wedding. Not only do I like the way I look, but I'm posing with a true piece of love, which would be a bacon wrapped scallop. Mmmmmmm...... This picture is also posted over on the photo blog I keep. That blog is full of pictures taken with my piece of crap camera phone. It actually takes somewhat not-shitty pictures.

I just finished recording the latest WMBYS. We recorded for almost three hours, which might be the longest we've ever gone. Kevin from QCastCT was our guest and he was an absolute joy. I'd never spoken to him before, but I wasn't the slightest bit nervous either, which is rare for me. I was actually giddy all day long thinking about tonight's show. We went off on so many tangents. I feel so bad for Nessa, who now has to edit down all those hours into a digestible show.

Work today was a suckfest because they had me training the new boy. I HATE training. HATE HATE HATE it. I don't think it's anything I'm very good at. I'm told I am, but I just don't think so. I'll have him for a few days at least until he's ready to learn something else from someone else. That, and I was given more responsibilities, which I don't mind. I'd rather there be too much work than not enough, and with the new boy starting, there's less work to go 'round. That's why I've worked hard at getting tasks and projects assigned to me that no one else is trained on. I try to make myself indispensable and it's actually worked. God forbid I take a day off. I come back and get a load of crap from people who depend on me. Crap in a good way, mind you. Because they're left to fend for themselves.


Every Day In May - Day Five

Okay, we're five for five so far. Awesome.

Not that I like the picture very much, but here's a quick snapshot of me before we left for the wedding on Saturday. I can clean up good sometimes, but you'd never know it from this picture. LOL.

I had a follow up podiatrist appointment this morning. I'm beginning to think my podiatrist is just a money grubber. My whole appointment was about 2 minutes long, he didn't look at my foot and he scheduled me another follow up appointment in a month. The pain in my foot is getting a little better. As long as it doesn't get worse, I'm going to cancel that follow up. It took me longer to take off my shoe and sock and then put them back on than my appointment. Why bother, you know? And this isn't the first appointment like this I've had. So I'm out my co-pay and he's up the $20 plus whatever the insurance company is going to pay him. Not bad for 2 minutes. I need to get into that line of work.


Every Day In May - Day Four

I was afraid to weigh myself today. Why? I was surrounded by food, food, food last night. I'm sure I whined about the wedding we went to last night before, but just in case, Ken's assistant's daughter was getting married and we were invited. This was the first time I've ever gone to a wedding where I didn't know anyone. Well, I knew the parents of the bride, but that was it. It was also the first time that I've ever gone to a wedding as the guest of the parents instead of as a guest of the bride or groom. It was very weird. Very weird. Usually you have some kind of connection to the bridal party when you attend. I didn't. It made for an awkward evening. But I filled in the awkwardness with food. My favorite bits of goodness were the bacon wrapped scallops. I tried to put down as many as possible. And there was baked brie. Delicious. And Chicken Hawaiian. And fried Calamari. And Crepes. And fruit. And pasta. And all sorts of puff pastries with bits of deliciousness in them (asparagus or broccoli or cheese... you get the idea.) This isn't even counting dinner. Let's just say that I ate my weight in food.

Anyway, cut to this morning. I step on the scale and I'm praying that I see 194. With the exception of last night, I've been so good all week. One day I saw 193. I knew I wasn't going to see that this morning, but 194 was my hope. I saw 196 instead. And that's good. It's down from 197 last week. Down is all that counts. If I can stay good this week, I bet I'll work off all the wedding food and maybe even get to 194 by next Sunday. We can only hope.

Oh, and here are the pictures I posted about a month or so ago. Ken took them and put them all into a single image for me. (I wish he would have photoshopped my hair in the third picture. Ugh.)

I Still Have No Shame

I just saw this on the List Of The Day blog.

I Have No Shame

I stole this directly from Pod Is My CoPilot.


Every Day In May - Day Three

The streak continues.....

Today is a pretty full day. I can't say I'm thrilled about it, because I really like having quiet, leisurely weekends. My day started at 6 am when Ollie decided I had enough sleep. As cute as that little mother fucker is, he really makes me want to sell him to the Chinese restaurant next door sometimes. He does this cute little thing where he gently taps me in the face to wake me up. Like I said, this started at 6am and continued until about 8am when I finally gave up. Went down and fed both the cats, neither of whom felt like eating much of anything.

Played online for a little bit before showering and leaving for the comic book shop. Today is the annual Free Comic Book Day and I wanted to pick up a few of the books they were offering this year. I ended up with more than I planned on, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'll try them out and if I like something, I will start picking up the series on a regular basis. I also bought two action figures (in the clearance box for $5 each) and two comics as an assignment for the next Dial "H" For Homo podcast. Mary Marvel was at my shop and her costume looked fantastic. Mystique is also supposed to be there today, but she wasn't yet. And Ron Marz is supposed to do a signing, but I was too early for it. I've known Ron for a lot of years, though it's been over a decade since I've seen him.

I'm home now, just finishing up the laundry. I have about three hours before I have to get changed for the wedding we're going to tonight. Ken's co-worker's daughter is getting married this evening. I know his co-worker, but not the daughter, so I'm a little apprehensive about going. I hate social situations. I hate social situations where I don't know anyone even more. I'll survive. Plus, this is 2008, the year I better myself. I need to put myself in these situations a little bit more. My other fear about the wedding is the food. Tomorrow is weigh in day and I'm feeling like I want to eat my weight in bacon wrapped scallops and whatever little bits of deliciousness that will be served. That would be bad, bad, bad. I've been doing really well this week so far and I don't want to fuck it up. I'm hoping to see 194 on the scale tomorrow. If I don't, you know why.


Every Day In May - Day 2

Here's my second posting for May. So far so good.

I'm really cranky right now. Didn't sleep well last night at all. In fact, yesterday was just one great big pile of shit. Started first thing in the morning. Ken was running late (as always) and I got sick of it and called him out on it. And because I did this, I've gotten the cold shoulder since. I don't know why I'm getting this from him. I didn't make anything up. I didn't exaggerate anything. I simply called him out on the fact that the later he gets up, the later I get to work because we carpool in. You know, I'm the asshole when I say something, but I'm also the asshole when I keep it to myself. I can't win and it frustrates the shit out of me. This is why I tend to keep stuff to myself. I'm only the asshole when I let it build up too long, so I'm not the asshole as often if I spoke up more.

I don't know the situation today. I got up early and left the house while Ken was in the shower. I had a doctor's appointment, then I went walking, followed by shopping and then home. He was already gone, but called to say he was doing a boatload of errands and then he was bringing the laptop to Starbucks to catch up on work stuff. He also has the day off today. So I think I'm still the asshole, but I'm not sure.

In other news, yesterday marked the beginning of month 8 of no soda. I can't believe I made it seven months so far. I was going to have some delicious soda in April once month 6 was up, but it didn't happen. Now it's a contest with myself to see how long I can go. Who knows...


May Challenge

Venus posted over on her blog that she and Nicole are pledging to blog every day in May. Stupidly, I posted a reply saying that I'm all about that, too. So starting today, I am going to attempt to post at least once a day here for the entire month of May. I try to do that anyway, but I usually only get four or five posts out a week. Some might just be a single line just to get a post out. If I'm going to fail, I certainly hope it's not going to be in the first couple of days.

Day One... Check.