Every Day In May - Day Twenty-Five

Today is my friend Rob's birthday. Happy 41st! We're getting fucking old.

Weigh in today was a big surprise. I hit 194. I was hoping and praying it wasn't higher than 196. I overdid the food yesterday and thought it would have a big impact on me. Now I wish I stayed good because I might have seen 193! Slow and steady wins the race. I'm getting there slowly but surely.

The weather today was spectacular. High 70s, sunny, beautiful. I sat out in the backyard this afternoon to read and ended up asleep for an hour. I really needed the nap. I've been a cranky bitch all day. Just so fucking tired. Yesterday was exhausting and I planned on sleeping in as late as possible this morning. Because of this, the cats woke me up at 6:43 am fighting. Lucy ran away and Ollie settled back down and I shut my eyes in time for my alarm to go off. WTF? I don't remember setting it last night, but I must have done it out of habit. Shut that off and nodded back in and out of consciousness for two more hours. Got up and walked six miles. Ken wanted to go up to a nursery, so I tagged along, but that ended up being a nightmare for me as we went from one to another to another. Got way more than I bargained for. At least we stopped for frozen yogurt. And by frozen yogurt, I mean Ken got that and I changed my mind and got a flavor of ice cream called Brownie Batter. It was delicious. Of course I later felt guilty about the ice cream and took another walk before dinner. This time it was only about four miles.

Best part about stopping for ice cream today... As we're finishing up our cones, Ken gets up, takes his keys and throws them in the trash can and starts to walk away. I happened to witness this and asked him "Did you just throw your keys away?" He looked at his hand, then looked at me and "yes." Then he had to fish them out. I'm still cracking up about that.

I'm still pooped. My big plans for tonight are to watch the last two episodes of Doctor Who, maybe read a little and then crash hard. I'm so glad tomorrow is a holiday. I need a day to recover from my weekend.

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Fairy Princess Holly said...

I love that Ken threw his keys away! That made me laugh! :)