Every Day In May - Day Seventeen

It's getting late and I almost missed doing this. That would have sucked.

I was asked to be on Melanie's podcast tonight. It was fun and I was joined by Holly & Nessa as well. Right now we're all still on Skype with Melanie even though we stopped recording hours ago. Since then we've all been online shopping. The ladies are all looking at shoes now and I don't care much about that, so I'm typing this up.

One more day and I'm 42. Hurrah!


erik98122 said...

Happy Birthday Old Man!! I'm right there with ya!

Melanie said...

Don't worry, hon -- I turn 42 in two months. We can get our Zimmer frames pimped for our birthdays next year!

Anonymous said...

Is that 42 in Earth years or Manhunt years?

Happy Birthday!