Every Day In May - Day Five

Okay, we're five for five so far. Awesome.

Not that I like the picture very much, but here's a quick snapshot of me before we left for the wedding on Saturday. I can clean up good sometimes, but you'd never know it from this picture. LOL.

I had a follow up podiatrist appointment this morning. I'm beginning to think my podiatrist is just a money grubber. My whole appointment was about 2 minutes long, he didn't look at my foot and he scheduled me another follow up appointment in a month. The pain in my foot is getting a little better. As long as it doesn't get worse, I'm going to cancel that follow up. It took me longer to take off my shoe and sock and then put them back on than my appointment. Why bother, you know? And this isn't the first appointment like this I've had. So I'm out my co-pay and he's up the $20 plus whatever the insurance company is going to pay him. Not bad for 2 minutes. I need to get into that line of work.


diane said...

you look great walt! such a snappy dresser...

and you go with your 5 for 5! i'm doing my best too.

xo diane

Were Mean Because Youre Stupid said...

hawt! you look great!

erik98122 said...