093 Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye Vol 1: Going Underground

I wasn't going to pick this up, but my friend George said it was such a great read.  So I picked it up based on his opinion and I have to say I'm in love with this book already.  Jon Rivera and Gerard Way take an old school Silver Age DC character, who really has a mostly blank slate, and bring him to life.  If you didn't know he existed before, it wouldn't really matter, because they really grab him and run with it.

This book starts later in Cave Carson's life.  His wife just passed away.  He has a teenaged daughter in college.  He has a cybernetic eye.  He's kind of lost with the passing of his wife, unbeknownst to him that his life is about to take a turn back into adventure.  It's kind of neat that this book is all about the present, but starts filling in missing details about his life since he was last seen.

I've bee very impressed with both Young Animal books I've read so far.  I think Doom Patrol is still in my backlog of books to post about.  I liked Doom Patrol a lot, but I loved this.  Everything about it was great.  The writing, the art, the choice of characters.  I look forward to so much more from this, especially since it ended on a cliffhanger.

 Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye Vol 1: Going Underground
Writer: Jon Rivera, Gerard Way
Artist: Michael Avon Oeming
Young Animal/DC Comics

092 Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Vol 2: The Weeping Angels Of Mons

I've fallen behind of Doctor Who.  Not because I'm disinterested, but I ordered this book forever ago from my comics retailer and it never came.  Volumes since have come, but for some reason, they were never able to secure this particular volume.  So I stopped reading until I could pick up a copy.  While on vacation last month, the only volume they had in stock at Half Price Books was this very one.  So I grabbed it.  It didn't even make it all the way home before I read it.  

What you need to know.  Tenth Doctor.  New companion.  World War I.  Weeping Angels.  It's everything you could imagine it to be.  It's everything it should be.  Those Weeping Angels are scary as shit.  This story doesn't fail in getting that point across.  Great story.  

One of the things I sometimes have to stop and think about when reading a series like this is I know exactly how the script should sound.  At least with the Doctor.  It's a lot of fun to hear David Tennant's voice in my head as I read.  Because it forces you to not just read the words, but read the words in the way you'd expect him to deliver them.

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Vol 2: The Weeping Angels Of Mons
Writer: Robbie Morrison
Artist: Daniel Indro, Eleonora Carlini
Titan Comics

091 Tarzan On The Planet Of The Apes

Let me state this for the record.  I fucking love Planet Of the Apes comics.  Love them so much.  This book is no exception.  It's the weirdest crossover I've read yet, but it works so fucking well.  I love seeing these two worlds crash together and become something new, yet familiar.  

This book sort of spins out of the third PotA movie.  The one where Cornelius and Zira time travel back to present day.  In it, Tarzan is raised by Cornelius and Zira as their own, side by side with their son.  It just works so well.  Add to that it also deals with alternate earths and time travel, yet doesn't take away from either Tarzan's history nor PotA's.  This book is really fantastic.  

The only thing I don't quite get is how Tarzan can be a youth in 1901 and an adult in 2016.  That's never properly explained and I'm just writing it off to an editorial oversight.

Tarzan On The Planet Of The Apes
Writer: David Walker, Tim Seeley
Artist: Fernando Dagnino
Boom! Studios/Dark Horse Comics


090 Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I went on vacation in mid-June (and that's when my posts stopped.)  I had a layover on my way to Austin, Texas, but because of bad weather, my flight was delayed.  By hours.  Thankfully I had a big stack of books to read during my travels.  This book I read cover to cover during my delay in the Baltimore Airport.

I'll be honest.  I wasn't expecting much out of the book.  And maybe because the bar was low, I really enjoyed what I read.  Well, most of it.  This book collects the complete mini-series as well as the crossover issues from each team's regular series.  The mini-series was a lot of fun.  The crossovers were nothing more than pointless money grabs.

The book is basically the JLA vs. the Suicide Squad, then the JLA teaming up with the Suicide Squad against the greater enemy.  Your basic super-team crossover.  But more specifically, all this is is a set up for the upcoming Justice League of America book.  The Batman lead team.  Killer Frost is a member of the upcoming JLA book, and this story is very much about her redemption, however temporary or permanent it's going to be.

While I'm not a big fan of the Suicide Squad, I've been warming up to the during the whole Rebirth thing.  I had a good time with this book.

Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad
Writer: Joshua Williamson, Tim Seeley, Rob Williams, Si Spurrier
Artist: Jason Fabok, Tony S. Daniel, Jesus Merino, Fernando Pasarin, Robson Rocha, Howard Porter, Christian Duce, Riley Rossmo, Scot Eaton, Giuseppe Cafaro, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Sandu Florea, Andy Owens, Matt Ryan, Wayne Faucher, Jay Leisten, Daniel Henriques, Oclair Albert, Francesco Mattina
DC Comics

089 Jessica Jones Vol 1: Uncaged!

Jessica Jones is back in her own book again.  At last.  I loved Alias way back when.  I've only kind of liked what's been going on with the character since.  Sure, Bendis is the one who has been writing her, but since Alias ended, she's felt very neutered to me.  She's been in the background, they softened her up and made her less appealing.  But she's in a new series and it's really back to basics.  Jessica is her own worst enemy.  She's only trying to do what's right, but even when she does that, she manages to fuck her own self over.  Repeatedly.  This story is a great example of that.

Not only is she back in her own book, the book is by her original creative team of Bendis and Gaydos.  They know Jessica better than anyone else.  This book is going to be a great ride, I can already tell.

Jessica Jones Vol 1: Uncaged!
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Michael Gaydos
Marvel Comics

088 Death Of Hawkman

So, this blog has gone askew already.  Up until this point, I've been doing posts about what I'm reading, in order of what I'm reading.  Mid-June I went on vacation, came home, enjoyed the great weather and let books start to pile up.  I no longer know what order I've read them in, so until I catch up on the pile I have, it's going to be in random order.

Today I read Death Of Hawkman.  It's an Adam Strange/Hawkman mini series and I found it very likable.  The characters have a long history together, so it seemed right to team them up.  Unfortunately, it's the New 52 versions of the characters, but still, I'll take what I can get.

The characterization of Hawkman seems very consistent with what we've gotten since the New 52.  What I mean is this is yet another version of the same character they can't seem to figure out.  DC did Hawkman a huge disservice in the New 52.  Totally changed him, then didn't like what they did, so they changed him again.  And again.  And again.  But, as the title of this collection says, it's all about his death, which is a good thing, if you ask me.  Hawkman always comes back, reincarnated.  I hope when they bring him back again, they'll bring him back to basics, not this over designed, under thought out claptrap.

Adam Strange is also following that inconsistent path.  While he's mostly like the New 52 version, he's kind of not.  But they're bringing him back closer to the true Adam Strange.

This was a fun mini-series.  Marc Andreyko writes a great buddy book, if you can call this that.  I hope DC lets him continue on and write more of these two characters.  He seems to have a feel for them.

Death Of Hawkman
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artist: Aaron Lopresti, Rodney Buchemi, John Livesay, Norm Rapmund Sean Parsons
DC Comics


087 Doctor Fate Vol 3: Fateful Threads

I'm shocked this book lasted 18 issues.  I'm happy it did, but I'm shocked DC didn't axe it earlier.  I don't think it sold despite being a solid and fun book.  It may have had something to do with Paul Levitz's arrangement with DC?  I don't know.

Anyway, this is it.  The end of this version of Doctor Fate.  From the beginning, it felt like an indie book to me. The writing, the art, the content.  It did not seem like anything else from DC.  I applaud them for giving us something different.  And I wasn't looking forward to yet another new take on another DC character.  Shows what I know.

I enjoy the reappearance of the original Doctor Fate in this book.  He's the current Fate's great uncle.  He shows up to give advice and aid the younger Fate in his travels.  What made me squeal with delight was a panel in which the elder Fate mentioned his time with the Justice Society.  Which means Paul Levitz was planting seeds.  Something he does well!!!!

I'll miss this book.

Doctor Fate Vol 3: Fateful Threads
Writer: Paul Levitz
Artist: Sonny Liew, Brendan McCarthy, Ibrahim Moustafa, Inaki Miranda, Breno Tamura
DC Comics

086 Champions Vol 1: Change The World

Plain and simple, I loved this book.  It felt effortless.  It felt natural.  And it was good.

The premise.  The teen members of the Avengers quit the team after the whole Civil War II thing.  Clearly it's a generational thing where they don't see eye to eye with the adult Avengers.  Ms. Marvel calls together Nova and Spider-Man, who think she's going to try to talk them back into joining the team.  Instead she shocks them by telling them she quit and wants to do something different.  And so is born a new group of Champions.  They want to fight social injustices.  They want to change the world, as the title of this volume announces.  They're very idealistic.

The three former Avengers begin to assemble a team.  They get the current Hulk and Viv Vision.  And so is born a team.  Shortly after, Cyclops hunts them down because he wants in.  This book has a very Teen Titans feel to me.  Teen Titans way way way way way back in the day.  A group of kids getting together to do what they feel is right.

The stories are based on a lot of stuff that's in the news today.  And it's highly enjoyable.

Champions Vol 1: Change The World
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba
Marvel Comics

085 Superwoman Vol 1: Who Killed Superwoman

I wanted to love this.  I wanted to love this a lot.  I didn't.  I didn't hate it.  I liked it, but I didn't love it.  Maybe part of it is I'm missing a little back story.  Superwoman got her powers when Superman died, his energy shot out and was absorbed by people.  I didn't read that book, so I don't totally get it.  I don't know if Superwoman operated in any books before this one.  If she did, it would make a little more sense to me.  If she didn't, then I think that's a loss for this book.

I wish this was the second story arc for this book.  I think the death of the Lois Superwoman would have had a bigger impact if we got a chance to know her better as Superwoman instead of a few pages.  

I didn't read the New 52 Superman books, so this version of Lana is brand new to me.  I don't know how long she and John Henry Irons have been together.  That was kind of a surprise to me.  The last I read of Lana was in the excellent Supergirl series pre-New 52.

The whole Lena Luthor plot was just too much for me.  I know it's a comic book and you have to let your disbelief go, but even this was ludicrous for me.  I don't know if it was meant as a way to write her out since the whole Rebirth thing is going on and these books are slowly supposed to right the ship.  It was just too much.

But I'm fascinated to learn more about Lana as Superwoman.  I like that she's got Superman's old red costume and power set.  I understand that Lois had to be written out, I just wish we got it a touch later than we did.

I'm anxious to see where this book goes in volume 2.  I hope I fall in as much love with the book as I am with the idea.

Superwoman Vol 1: Who Killed Superwoman?
Writer: Phil Jimenez
Artist: Phil Jimenez, Emanuela Lupacchino, Jack Herbert, Joe Prado, Matt Santorell, Ray McCarthy
DC Comics 

084 Avengers Four

I don't know how he does it, but Mark Waid is producing some of the best stuff of his rather long career.  He's still coming up with stories that entertain highly.  This is (mostly) no exception.

This is a sort of retelling of the first Avengers line up change, but it's an all new story, too.  The original Avengers all step down and are replaced by this new line up.  Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Hawkeye join Captain America.  And the public see them as a joke.  This is quickly rectified when they meet a woman who uses her powers to help boost and amplify the powers of these four.  They become a powerhouse team.  They invite her to join the team as Avenger X.  But because of the nature of her powers, they keep her in the background for her own safety.

However, since joining the team, she actively tries pitting them against each other and tries to take them down.  Which is fine, but unless I missed something, there really isn't a sufficient reason for her to do this.  And that makes this story crumble for me.  It was pretty good up until that point.

And on a tangent, can I mention how much I hate how Marvel publishes monthly books?  This volume reprints Avengers 1.1 - 5.1.  What?  They couldn't make it a stand alone mini-series.  They made it issues 1.1 through 5.1 of the regular book?  Really?  What's the purpose?  It's stupid.  At least I only read Marvel in trade format, so it's less confusing that way, but still.

Avengers Four
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Barry Kitson, Mark Bagley, Sean Izaakse, Ro Stein, Mark Farmer, Rafael Fonteriz, Andrew Hennessy, Scott Hanna, Mike Perkins, Ted Brandt
Marvel Comics