Every Day In May - Day Twenty-Eight

Three more days...

One thing I'm really bad at is responding to the various and sundry comments that people leave here on my blog. It's a big thrill for me that people actually read it and leave comments. Please don't be offended if I don't respond to your comments. I do read them all and I respond in my head. That's gotta count for something, right? So right here, right now, I'm just going to respond a little (and probably very poorly) to recent comments. (Hey, you try leading the dull life I do and do a blog post every day for a month and see what you come up with. LOL)

Karla, Sasha & Holly - I did write PF Chang's back tonight and sent them my address. We'll see what kind of comps I get. I really didn't write them looking for free stuff, just to blow off some steam. We'll see how soon I get back there, though.

- This is only the second time I've been to PF Chang's. First time was opening day when we wandered in and lucked into seating. That visit was a very positive one. Every other time I've tried to go back, the wait was a joke, so it never happened until this week.

(F)reddy - Actually, yes, the dessert was hot, but it was intended to be served hot. Banana spring rolls. I also got a chocolate dome cake thingie that was incredibly chocolatey. Me likey.

Sasha (again) - You know, you say it was more of a waitstaff issue than a kitchen issue, and I would have agreed except for when the entrees came out, mine was piping hot as it should be and Ken's was stone cold. Wouldn't that be a kitchen issue? I know you know way more about this than I do, so I value your opinion on this. And I might learn a thing or two, too. Hurrah!

Nessa - Does it make me extra trashy and ultra ghetto that I Love Money is going to be the highlight of my television viewing summer? Then so be it! I hope they didn't show all the good stuff in that preview.

(F)reddy - While I don't know you all that well, I'm guessing you were telling the truth about the thonged midget looking like someone you used to date. I imagine that's the way (F)reddy rolls!

J Z - To be honest, I was a little freaked at first by the unread portion of your email. My initial reaction was "wow, how does he know that" followed by me losing a little bit of the color in my face. I've never made a secret about any of my life, but it's a little weird when someone calls me on it. I think I'm more amused than anything by it. I've come to the conclusion that either (a) you used to live here or (b) you spent a little bit of time playing with Google. I'm guessing it's more (a). How long ago did you live here?

Gregg - I hate that I've been so out of touch with you lately. I miss the fuck out of you.

Wow, wasn't that exciting?


Anonymous said...

Aw, Walt...it was sweet of you to leave responses to the comments. I know it isn't always convenient which is why I don't do all that often on my own journal. Just know that I'm probably the only one who will put the hex on you for not responding to my comments. Just kidding. =D
The timing in the kitchen was probably off in the case of the entrees but the appetizers are responsibility of front of the house, so is the coffee. Sounds like everyone dropped the ball! Poor Walt. You're too sweet to get crappy service.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you ended up being amused. I knew it could freak you out, but could also be funny in context. I do give you credit for reading the email on the air, since I could be crazy--I'd have been more inclined to toss it had I been you. I knew the email had the potential to freak three people out (you, F.P. Holly and Mr. F.P. Holly--though I still do want to enter into a plural marriage with them and be the second Mr. F.P. Holly!)

I haven't lived there for nearly a decade. I still have many ties to the area and do make it there once in a while.


Gregg P. said...

Miss you too, buddy! Love to Ken as well. Come to Texas!

Melanie said...

I agree with Gregg's comment -- fly into DFW and stay with us for a day or two (we have a guest room!) and then we can descend upon Austin en masse!

Gregg P. said...

YAY! We have a guest room and a pullout couch! Come on down, y'all!!!