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Shirts first.

February 10
No t-shirt

February 11

Another shirt-of-the-day site treasure.  I absolutely love this shirt and wear it frequently.  And every time I wear it, the same co-worker asks what it is or what it means.  David Tennant Doctor Who shirt.  
February 12

We used to go to Walt Disney World every year at least once.  And I'd always try to find a shirt when I went.  Most of my old ones I've either worn out or outgrew (in grew?  I got smaller, they did not.).  I only have a couple left.  This one is from my last trip there.  I love the retro look to it.  It gets harder and harder to find shirts there that are the slightest bit interesting and not cheap looking.  This one fit the bill, though.

February 13

This is a Nerd Block Star Wars shirt.  It's kind of lost on me since *gasp* I've never seen a Star Wars movie in my life.  Nor do I really have any desire.  Sure, I know who most of the characters are (and honestly, who doesn't?), but that's about the extent of my SW knowledge.  But it's a neat shirt, nonetheless.

February 14

Although I wore it on Valentine's Day, the fact that I picked a red shirt was coincidental.  This is one of my older shirts.  And by older, after I hit my goal weight.  I love it.  I love it a lot.  I have another one very similar to it with eight other characters, but on navy blue.  I only wear this shirt in the winter.  The reason for that is I need a shirt underneath it.  It's cut just the slightest bit short that makes it a belly shirt on me.  I'm uncomfortable with that, so I wear it over a long sleeve t-shirt and it's great.

I'm sure I've bitched about clothes many times in the past here.  Being obese presented a lot of challenges to buying clothes.  It took some searching, but I could find my size if I looked long and hard enough.  When I got back down into a human sized body, I thought those issues would be long behind me, but instead I discovered all-new issues.  Shirts are always a problem.  I lost enough weight that I can fit into some medium sized shirts (some, not most, though), but they're much too short on me.  I can fit into all large shirts, but again, I find that length is a big issue.  My torso is just a little bit too big for a normal large shirt.  So most of the comic book shirts I buy tend to be XL.  XL's are baggy on me, but they give me the extra inch, sometimes two, that I need for them not to be belly shirts.  I wish that I could get these things in a LT, because that would be ideal.  But they don't.  

I've also discovered that all XLs are not created equally.  Like this shirt.  It's short on my.  Others are fine.  Every once in a great while, they are even long.  And some are way baggier than others.  It's a little frustrating, but I deal.

February 15

This Doctor Who shirt is a legitimately licensed shirt and not a shirt-of-the-day type.  I picked it to wear yesterday because the time/space vortex behind the TARDIS reminds me a little bit of the big snow storm we had the other day.  I thought it was semi-appropriate.  No other reason.

February 16

Today was just another random grab from the closet.  I got Aquaman.  I love Aquaman.  This shirt is silly, but it's twelve kinds of awesome, too, and it matches a pair of Aquaman sneakers I have.

On Friday, my bi-weekly box of crack arrived.  Here's what I got this time.

For floppies, I got Batman, Batgir, Justice League of America, Earth 2, Forever Evil and two of the FE tie-in mini-series.

I only got three trades this time.  Avengers Vol 1, Supergirl Vol 3 and Constantine Vol 1.  Supergirl is the only Superman Family book I'm currently reading.  The rest of the Superman books and Superboy have been incredibly disappointing to me, so I've dropped them.  Supergirl has been semi-interesting.  She's clearly a new incarnation of Kara Zor-El, but I've been enjoying it so far.  I'm anxious to see where the book is heading.  Constantine I've very nervous about.  I've been a big fan since the 80s, but this is the New 52 Constantine, a watered down version of the character.  I'm not sure how I'm going to like this first volume of the kinder, gentler Constantine.  And Avengers.  I have always loved the Avengers.  I'm curiously optimistic about this Marvel Now relaunch of the series.  The team no longer resembles the Avengers that i used to love, but it looks like there is great potential in the book.  I'm gonna give it a shot and see.



Three posts in one day last weekend, nothing since.  Typical.

It was a weird week.  I still have a tiny bit of this plague lingering with me.  I can't seem to shake the last little bit of it.  For the most part, though, I'm back to feeling myself.  Which is fantastic, because I hate feeling less than 100%.  Like on Fridays.  I am always in such a vile mood by the time Friday comes around.  I'm exhausted, my tolerance for the people I work with is at the lowest point of the week and I just want to run away (or at least take a four hour nap.)  This past Friday kind of started out that way.  Word is that I was brought up in the management meeting on Thursday and some folks are not happy at how much I do around the office.  As in too much, not too little.  Most of my co-workers hope to fit an hour or two of work in during the course of a day, so doing nothing is something you can potentially be rewarded for.  I didn't get much of a chance to talk to the person who told me about this, but the gist is I'm doing too much for the people I support and it's throwing our production numbers off.  As in, we're too efficient.  I never in a million years would have thought that being too productive would be a bad thing.  Especially since management is constantly talking about improving production numbers.  Which says to me their entire job is to spit out buzz words and not mean a damn one of them.  So Friday I was pissy about that, I was pissy about co-workers, and then something happened.  For lack of a better phrase, the office crack whore was escorted out of the building by HR for allegedly being drunk again.  And allegedly putting unwelcome sexual advances on someone.  None of this is out of the ordinary, so I keep wondering why this time she was actually sent home instead of left there to cause a scene like every other time.  Hopefully I'll hear something on Monday.  But that turned my mood around.  I know nothing will happen to her, but it certainly broke up the monotony of a Friday.

Otherwise it's been a busy, but quiet week.  Most of the weekend has been filled with trips to Home Depot and Lowe's, which was getting old quick.  We'd go for one thing, and then make a return trip because Ken forgot the item he actually went in for, rinse and repeat.  Everything he bought at the last trip there this morning needs to be returned.  Of course.  Ken and Lowe's is not a fun combination.

And here's my shirt update.

February 3

This is a cool Batman shirt I just got recently.  It's not from one of the shirt of the day sites like many of my shirts are from, but it's from a similar type thing.  I subscribe to Nerd Block, which is a monthly mystery service.  I got a box of geeky stuff.  I've been getting the boxes for the last few months and I'm one more shipment away from deciding if I'm going to continue with it or not.  I get a shirt and a whole bunch of geeky and nerdy toys each month.  It's really hit or miss if I get good stuff.  Some of the stuff I don't want I've gathered up and will gift them to someone who will appreciate them. 

February 4

I picked this beauty up at Comic Con last October.  Red Tornado is bad ass, or at least he was back in the 70s.
                                                                 February 5

I'm so happy this picture came out.  Most of the time when I try to photograph it, it doesn't come out purple, but dark blue instead.  This is my Yvonne Craig Batgirl shirt.  I don't think I really need to say much more about it.  LOL.

February 6

Another Nerd Block shirt.  I don't really know much about Adventure Time, but I like the shirt and I like everything I've seen about the show (it is a show, right?).

 February 7

I must have subconsciously decided to make it a Nerd Block week.  This is another shirt from Nerd Block.  A Legend Of Zelda shirt.  I used to love that game way back in the day when I understood video games.  

February 8

Grendel.  Hunter Rose.  Matt Wagner.  So fucking cool.  I didn't discover Grendel until the twelve issue series featuring Christine Spar as Grendel, but I've been hooked since.  Dark Horse recently started reprinting Grendel from the beginning in their Omnibus format.  I've picked up the first four volumes so far, but they're still sitting on my backlog shelf.  I really can't wait to get a chance to sit down and relive this series from the beginning.

February 9

Today's shirt is another shirt of the day shirts.  Ocean's Eleven mash-up with Doctor Who.  I think it's a fucking amazing shirt.  It works so well.  They make a shit load of Doctor Who shirts, and although I have a lot of them, I pass on most.  But when something like this comes along, I just can't.

Looking at what I wore this past week, it looks like every shirt was a random grab out of the closet.  It's more fun that way.



Three posts in one day.  WTF?

Just a quick update on my rather dull life. I'm still fighting this fucking plague I've been stricken with.  It's getting frustrating.  It's going on nearly two weeks.  Sure, I'm starting to feel better, but this is taking entirely too long.  I took Friday off from work, partially to give myself a rest, partially because work was pissing me off.  I tried to sleep in, but Ken's alarm starts going off at 6am, but he doesn't get out of bed until a little after 7.  So that didn't work out well.  After he left for work, I headed out for groceries.  I was feeling a little off, but I figured it was due to the NyQuil from the night before.  After errands, I figured it was time to get back to the gym.  It had been over a week since I'd been.  Normally if I miss a day, I freak the fuck out, but I've been okay with not going.  I didn't want to overdo it and put myself back a couple days with this cold.  I went and did my workout, but by the time I was done, my lungs were screaming obscenities at me.  And by the time I got home, I knew I did a bad thing.  I mean, my body felt great sweating some of this crap out of me, but it wiped me out way more than I expected.  I slept for the rest of the afternoon.  Saturday I made the conscious decision to do nothing all day since we had dinner plans with friends.  I didn't want to (a) do the same thing I did on Friday regarding the gym and (b) spend the morning and afternoon out and about before doing the same thing with the evening.  It was the right choice.  This morning I gymed it again and while it was probably the wrong decision, I don't feel nearly as bad as I did Friday.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow after work before I decide whether exercise is a good idea.  It is starting to drive me crazy that I'm falling out of my normal routine.  I thrive when I have a routine.  

I just finished my 2001 playlist today.  If this wasn't already my third post today, I'd work on my 1987 blog post.  I'll do that this week (I hope.)

Besides just listening to the 2001 playlist, I usually start my mornings off on other things.  First I listen to whatever podcasts download the night before.  I don't listen to too many anymore, but I usually have one to listen to.  Then it's either new stuff I've just added to my iPod or it's something I'm in the mood for that's not new.  The last week or so I've been revisiting Joni Mitchell's discography, one album at a time.  Don't know what brought this on, but it's been fun.  Today I made it up to Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm.  It's been neat listening to her evolution over the years.  We've gone from very folkie to a more rock oriented Joni so far.  I'm very much looking forward to the rest of her discography.  And doing this from time to time is a lot of fun for me.

Oh, I meant to say this earlier, when I was lamenting not working out.  Since December, I've been having a really hard time keeping my weight in check.  I'm only a few pounds heavier than I'd like, which to any other living human being, isn't noticeable on me at all.  But I obsess and I want to see a certain number or below on the scale.  That number is 195 or less.  Lately it's been around 197, which doesn't please me.  I need to remember that I was at 300 not all that long ago, so why I beat myself up is anyone's guess.  But anyway, not exercising has actually not had the huge negative impact on me that I was expecting.  In fact, it's been just the opposite.  For the first time in months, my weight has been in check.  But not for the best reason.  Since I've had this walking plague, my appetite hasn't been as big as it usually is.  So I've been eating less and probably not enough.  I've been 190 lbs for the last three mornings.  Once my appetite is back in full force, I'll be seeing that number go up.  But I should also be feeling better, too, and exercising some of that off.

Yes, I'm an obsessive freak.  That is news to no one.

T-Shirt Update

January 28
This is the last concert tee I purchased.  From the Frank Turner show back in November.  I posted about it then, I believe.  Possibly the greatest concert I've been to.  At the very least, the greatest show I've been to in a really long time.  If you've never seen him or even heard of him, I suggest searching him out.  He's fantastic.

January 29

A while ago, Graphitti Designs released a Kevin Keller t-shirt.  I really wanted it, but it had two things going against it.  It was white (and I have a hard time keeping white shirts clean) and it had the stupid slogan "Team Kevin" printed across it.  Luckily they came out with another design and I bought this.  In case you are unaware of who Kevin is, he's a classmate of Archie Andrews and he's the first gay character in Archie Comics.

 January 30
 Super Friends.  What else can I say, really?

January 31

Earlier in the week I wore my newest concert tee.  This is my oldest.  It's also the oldest piece of clothing I own.  Back in the day (that day being the day before I lost control of my weight and outgrew normal clothing) I used to buy concert tees to just about every show I went to.  As I got fatter and fatter, I got rid of all my old things, knowing I'd never fit back in them again.  This is the one shirt I kept.  I love the picture.  Herb Ritts, I believe, took the picture.  The show was amazing.  But this shirt, from 1993, spent probably ten or fifteen years in the bottom of a dresser drawer because it didn't fit.  The day it did fit again was a fantastic fucking day.

February 1

I told you I have a lot of Green Lantern shirts.  This one is a variation on the Lantern logo.  What I really like about it is if you look closely, there are Green Lantern comic book covers faded in the background.  What I don't like about it is each time I wash it, those covers seem to get more and more faint.  But it's still a cool shirt.

February 2

Today's shirt is a custom made shirt by Ken.  When we went on the cruise back in November, it was for his sister's 50th birthday.  So he had shirts made.  Thankfully he had the forethought to make sure they weren't obnoxiously obvious.  If you don't look too hard, it just looks like it's a shirt for a local bar or something.  And that makes it something that can be worn anytime, anywhere.  He made a set of four.  Each shirt was a different color and the drinks in the center of the shirt were different on each shirt.  He did a good job.


I was due to get my bi-weekly shipment of comics on Friday, but earlier in the week, my distributor sent out an email alerting everyone that books will probably be a day or two late as more weather issues across the country delayed their incoming shipment of books by a day.  I didn't think anything about it.  I did check the front porch Friday afternoon and there weren't any packages, but I wasn't expecting any.  Saturday morning Ken found my delivery on the front porch.  It must have come while we were out at dinner.  So that was a pleasant surprise, though I was going to use the weekend to make a little progress in my backlog.  I'll need to do a post about that someday.

Anyway, this is what I got this week:

For trade paperbacks, I got the latest Young Avengers and Batwing.  I wasn't going to follow Young Avengers when it came back because I loved what Allan Heinberg did with the book and he wasn't going to be writing this series, but so far, I'm loving it.  I believe it just got cancelled, though, which sucks, but Marvel keeps doing that with everything.  Start a new series, cancel it, start it over again, cancel it, start it over again.  I don't like that.  At all.  Start a book and stick with it, dammit.  Batwing was one of the pleasant surprises of the New 52 for me.  I think everything changes with this volume, though, so I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.

The other two books I got were The Creature Commandos and Doctor Who.  I somehow missed this volume of Doctor Who when it first came out.  I only realized it when I was filing the latest volume away.  The Creature Commandos is going to be bad, I can just feel it, but I have fond memories of the strip when it ran in Weird War Tales back in the 80s.  We'll see how it holds up.

As for regular books, this shipment brought all three Justice League books, World's Finest (and Annual), Earth Two Annual, Batman, Batgirl, Batwoman, Aquaman and two of the Forever Evil tie-in mini-series.  I was surprised at how many floppies I got this time around.  I'm not reading very much on a monthly basis anymore, favoring the collected editions instead.  Most of what I have here is pretty damn good.  I'm kind of bored with the Justice League books right now because those characters are central to the Forever Evil mini-series, so things have been kind of quiet in them with most of the good stuff taking place in the actual mini-series.  I really like the Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. story, but the others not so much.  Batgirl has always been a solid read, as has Batman.  Batwoman is a book I really like, but there's been a creative team change and I haven't gotten a solid grip on where the book is heading yet.  Same with Aquaman.  And Earth 2 just went through the same creative team shake up and seems to be continuing on as a terrific read.  World's Finest, too, is a good read.  I've always loved the Huntress and Power Girl and am so happy they've been given a chance in the New 52.  While they just aren't quite the same characters, they're close and I've been enjoying the book.



I just spent that last few minutes looking over my 1986 playlist.  I know that after listening through the 1985 playlist and being pleasantly surprised by how good it was, I was really excited to get to 1986.  And while 1986 looks like it was pretty damn good for music, I really didn't buy much of anything that year.  I don't know where my head was, but it really wasn't on music.  Most of what's on that playlist I picked up well after 1986 was over.  There may be other releases, but after a quick review, it looks like the two albums I bought that year were Tina Turner's BREAK EVERY RULE and Basia's TIME AND TIDE.  But upon further study, I find that I have TIME AND TIDE in the wrong playlist, as Wikipedia states the album came out in 1987.  I need to fix that right now.  It seems to me like it was awfully early for that album.  I have definite late 80's memories of it.  1986 seems too early.

I have no idea what the hell else I was doing in 1986.  I know I was addicted to Dynasty, so maybe my head was stuck in the nighttime soaps.  I wasn't hanging out with the group of friends I was about to make yet, so most of 1986 was solo time.

What a suck ass blog entry.  I'm sorry, 1986, but you aren't inspiring to me at all.


Random Update

Still sick, but today I'm finally starting to feel better.  As of last night, I was planning on staying home from work today, but when the alarm went off, I didn't feel like death, so I showered, got dressed and re-evaluated.  I decided to go in.  I'm not upset I did.  I probably could have used another day to lay around doing nothing, but I feel more accomplished and better than I have in almost a week.  Still not good enough to get back to the gym, but I'm getting there.

This weekend I had my first set of social plans for the year.  Saturday night was supposed to be dinner with my friend Carol.  I haven't seen much of her lately.  But Ken called and cancelled because I was sick, which was the right thing to do.  Sunday we had plans to meet up with friends Kevin and Brian for brunch.  Those plans should have been cancelled, too, but I thought I'd be well enough to make the trip.  And I kind of was, but I crashed hard in the afternoon.  I'm glad I went, though I should have postponed.

I started watching the Grammys last night, buy only got about half way through before I went to bed.  Overall, I was greatly disappointed with what I saw.  The last few years there have been a handful of performances that blew me away.  I dvr'd the rest of the show and I'll watch the rest tonight.  I hope there's something to make it worth my while.  In the first half, about the only thing I liked was Pink, though I probably would have been more impressed if she didn't do the aerial acrobatics again.  It just felt played out since she did it last time, too.  People have been oozing over Beyonce and Jay-Z, but I was kind of put off by it.  I just don't get the whole Beyonce thing.

Catching up on my t-shirt thing, here are the latest offerings.

January 19
Day off

January 20

I think I mentioned the Black Lanterns in my previous post when the picture of my Green Lantern shirt looked less green and more black.  By coincidence, I grabbed this one randomly out of the closet.  Where the Green Lanterns are all about willpower, the Black Lanterns are all about death.  In fact, the Black Lanterns are all dead, re-animated corpses hellbent on killing.  Ahhhh, such happy people.

 January 21

A companion piece to yesterday's Black Lantern shirt, this is the Yellow Lantern shirt, or more specifically, the Sinestro Corps shirt.  Sinestro harnesses the color of fear.  This isn't the shirt I thought I was grabbing that morning, but I love it just the same.

 January 22
 A New York Comic Con find.  I'm sure it's probably been on one of the shirt of the day sites, but I didn't see this until I was at the convention this year.  Bender vs. the Supreme Dalek.  Robot on Robot action.  I love mash up shirts like this.

And as a bonus, I wore my Dalek socks that day!

January 23
Day off

 January 24

Yet another shirt of the day shirt.  Hello Kitty as a zombie.  What else can I say?

January 25
Day off

 January 26

This is my Zan (of Zan & Jayna aka The Wonder Twins) shirt.  The day I saw it solicited, I knew I had to have it.  I contemplated getting the Jayna shirt, too, but I figured this was enough.  Ken has mentioned me getting him the Jayna shirt, but then he'd want to wear them the same day and be all matchy matchy and I'm not about that.

January 27

I got this shirt at the New York Comic Convention in October.  My friend Jed actually bought it and when I saw it, I made him show me where he got it because I had to have it.  It's fucking awesome.  Cher as Che!

I think that's all I've got.  As crappy as I'm still feeling, I'm shocked at what a decent mood I managed to maintain today.  That's not like me at all.  Anyone who reads this blog (and why you do is anyone's guess) knows what a miserable fuck I am.  LOL.



I've been sick for four days. I'm so over this bullshit. Today is the first day that I think I may be over the worst of it. Until I'm better, though, I'm going to continue being a miserable crotch. 


More Shirts

January 15
 Forgive the lighting, but this almost looks like a Black Lantern t-shirt.  Trust me, it's green all the way.  Green Lantern.  This is my second Green Lantern shirt of 2014 already.  Very similar to the one I wore earlier this month.
January 16

This is one of my favorite Disney shirts ever.  I got it a few years ago at EPCOT.  It's Mickey Mouse, obviously, but all Germaned up.  It roughly translates into "Hello! and have fun!"  It always makes me smile when I wear it. 
January 17
T-Shirt skip day

January 18

I think this is my first band shirt of the year.  I got it last year when I went to go see Stephen Kellogg.  It was a small and intimate show and was spectacular.  He was doing a small pre-album release tour for his newest solo album and I saw him three or four days before the release.  I was hoping he had some copies of the new record for sale with him, but that was not to be.  So instead I picked up some back catalog releases and this shirt.  I knew very little of him before the show.  He offered up a free sample on NoiseTrade.com, a site I visit daily.  I've found so much new stuff there that I can't believe it.  I've backed a couple of the artists from there on Kickstarter because I thought their music was spectacular.  Anyway, I downloaded his sampler and really liked it.  I didn't really search out much more of his music after that, though I don't know why now.  But I saw he was performing here, solo acoustic.  The tickets were cheap and I decided it was worth it.  I've been hooked ever since.  Just read he's playing about 45 minutes from here in March.  It's a Thursday night, so I'm debating going and taking Friday off (because I can!)  It's at a venue I've never been to, but they seem to get all sorts of great acts. 


I'm a comic book nerd.  I've been reading them since I was 9 or 10 years old.  It's a life-long passion of mine.  None of that is news.  None of that I haven't mentioned in the past.

I used to make weekly visits to my local comic book store.  That changed a long time ago.  Probably more than ten years ago by now.  My favorite shop went out of business.  There were a few others in town to choose from, but none of them really did it for me.  So I switched the way I bought comics.  I started ordering online and had the books delivered to me twice a month.  That adjustment was rather difficult at first.  I knew I'd sometimes have to wait two or three weeks for something I knew was sitting on a rack across town.  Over time, I grew to care less about that.  I look forward to my bi-weekly shipments of crack.

My first shipment of the year got here late.  The storms all across the country screw up the delivery of comics.  I usually get a delivery every other Friday, with a few skip weeks thrown in throughout the course of the year.  Twenty-four shipments over fifty-two weeks will do that.

I'm going to try an post a running blog of what I'm reading as each shipment arrives.  Here are photos of the contents of that first shipment of 2014.

Photo number one are the single issues I got this time around.
Aquaman #26
Batwoman #26
Earth 2 #19
Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. #3
Forever Evil: Arkham War #4
Justice League Dark #26

Photo number two are the trade paperbacks.
All-New X-Men
Batman: The Dark Knight
Batman: The TV Stories
Doctor Who
Green Lantern: Sector 2814
John Constantine: Hellblazer

And finally, the everthing else portion of my shipment.  I'm obsessed with the Funko Pop Vinyl toys.  This is the latest addition to my collection.  Superboy.



Every year I vow I'm going to keep better track of what I did and what I liked and all that shit so that I can look back at the end of the year and make a nice "Best Of The Year" list.  This year I vow to do that so that I don't have to post some utter nonsense like this.

My best of 2013 is a purely off the top of my head list of some of the shit I liked this year.

Best Concert: Frank Turner at Northern Lights (or whatever they're calling it these days.)  That show may have been the best show I've ever been to.  I was old enough to be half the audience's dad, but that didn't dissuade me from having a fucking blast.  He's great on record, but 1000 times more magnetic and charming in person.

Best Album: John Grant PALE GREEN GHOSTS  There were a lot of great albums this year and Josh Ritter's was a very close second, but John Grant writes the type of songs that I wish I could write if I wrote songs.  They seem very conversational and extremely personal and something that you can connect to.

Best Party:  Hands down it was the wedding reception party in Austin, TX in December.  It was a whirlwind weekend, I didn't have time to spend as much time seeing everyone I wanted to, I was shitfaced and I made out with as many people as I could.  And I made a lot of great new friends.

Best Thing I Read:  Not new in 2013, but it was new to me.  Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire sucked me in and wouldn't let me go until I finished the run.  Fabulous storytelling.

Best TV:  My favorite series was Survivor: Blood vs. Water.  I've been a fan since the first episode and this season was exceptional.  It was an experiment that could have blown up in their faces or could have been a total win.  Luckily it was a win.  Runner up was the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special.  

Favorite Comic:  I think it had to be Batman, believe it or not.  Scott Snyder is doing such great things with the book and I'm addicted to it like I've never been addicted to a Batman comic before.

See, that list was kind of lame.  I'll try better for 2014.

And to keep the geek chic stuff going:

January 12

Long sleeve Batman shirt.  Gift from my friend George.  Kind of goes along with what I just wrote about regarding Batman being my favorite comic last year.

January 13

It's Morrissey as Superman.  There was an article that went around Facebook last year about an artist who transformed Punk & New Wave artists into super-heroes.  I loved it.  And then one of the t-shirt of the day sites made this available.  I had to have it.  I have one other, but that will come in time.  I don't know if any of the others were offered and I missed them or if they're yet to come, but I'll be watching.
January 14
This photo didn't come out all that well.  Whatever.  It's yet another shirt of the day shirts.  And it's another Doctor Who shirt.  I liked the design a lot, so I bought it.  It gets harder and harder to find fun Doctor Who shirts because they all seem to be very similar.  This one wasn't.


Geek Chic Update

I'm very happy with myself that I've managed to keep up with the pictures so far.  I know it's less than two weeks into the New Year, but still.  My attention span seems to be at an all time low right now.  But here we go with batch two of my geeky shirts.

January 4

This is one of my Aquaman shirts.  I love that Aquaman has finally become "cool."  He's been the biggest joke in comics for the longest time.  It's one of the few success stories (for me, at least) to come out of DC Comics New 52 revamp.  Most of the rest of the line, not so much, but the Aquaman book is incredible.  Hopefully that will continue with Geoff Johns leaving and Jeff Parker coming in to write the book.
January 5

Batgirl.  My favorite super-heroine.  I was just about to jump in the shower and asked Ken to go in and pick out any shirt he wanted and to lay it face down on the bed.  This is the one he chose.  I don't know if he looked through the closet and found this or if it was a random grab, but he done good.

January 6

This one was a random grab.  It was Monday morning, I wasn't feeling it and I just walked into the closet and grabbed the first shirt I could.  This was it.  It's one of my absolute favorite shirts EVER.  It was the first shirt I bought when I finally reached my goal weight and knew I could fit back into human sized clothes again.  I bought this and a Supergirl shirt, which will be worn sooner or later.  It's an homage to the cover of the first appearance of Batgirl, recreated here by Brian Bolland. 

January 7

Almost all of my Doctor Who shirts are from the various shirt-of-the-day sites.  This is no exception.  It's a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots homage featuring a Cyberman and a Dalek, two of the Doctor's longest running enemies.  For some reason, I got a lot of comments at work on this one.  It's not a new shirt, so I'm not sure why people kept asking about it.

January 9

I took a day off of geek shirts and only wore a purple ringer tee on the 8th.  But on the 9th I wore one of my Arrested Development shirts.  This is my only mass market AD shirt.  The rest are from the shirt-of-the-day sites.  Arrested Development was one of my all-time favorite tv shows.  I still have high hopes that it'll be back again.

January 10

Another shirt-of-the-day site picks.  This time it's the Batman TV show logo done up Doctor Who style.  I love that I was at my friend Chris' t-shirt site and he's got a very similar new shirt.  It made me chuckle.  I have one other shirt that's similar to this and you'll just have to wait to see it.

January 11

Yesterday's selection was the Metal Men.  The shirt rocks and that's all I need to say about it.  Other than the fact that there are symbol shirts for each member of the Metal Men and I do not have them.  Yet.