Every Day In May - Day Four

I was afraid to weigh myself today. Why? I was surrounded by food, food, food last night. I'm sure I whined about the wedding we went to last night before, but just in case, Ken's assistant's daughter was getting married and we were invited. This was the first time I've ever gone to a wedding where I didn't know anyone. Well, I knew the parents of the bride, but that was it. It was also the first time that I've ever gone to a wedding as the guest of the parents instead of as a guest of the bride or groom. It was very weird. Very weird. Usually you have some kind of connection to the bridal party when you attend. I didn't. It made for an awkward evening. But I filled in the awkwardness with food. My favorite bits of goodness were the bacon wrapped scallops. I tried to put down as many as possible. And there was baked brie. Delicious. And Chicken Hawaiian. And fried Calamari. And Crepes. And fruit. And pasta. And all sorts of puff pastries with bits of deliciousness in them (asparagus or broccoli or cheese... you get the idea.) This isn't even counting dinner. Let's just say that I ate my weight in food.

Anyway, cut to this morning. I step on the scale and I'm praying that I see 194. With the exception of last night, I've been so good all week. One day I saw 193. I knew I wasn't going to see that this morning, but 194 was my hope. I saw 196 instead. And that's good. It's down from 197 last week. Down is all that counts. If I can stay good this week, I bet I'll work off all the wedding food and maybe even get to 194 by next Sunday. We can only hope.

Oh, and here are the pictures I posted about a month or so ago. Ken took them and put them all into a single image for me. (I wish he would have photoshopped my hair in the third picture. Ugh.)


Southern Boy said...

So, Walt, are you like gigantically tall?
I ask because 200 pounds on you looks all twinkish! If I could look that skinny at 200, I'd be picking up the Ho Hos!

Melanie said...

Walt is indeed a tallish kind of guy. And that loss never ceases to amaze me, pumpkin.