Every Day In May - Day Sixteen

I'm pretty disgusted with myself right now. Got on the scale first thing this morning and I'm up almost 4 1/2 pounds since Sunday. Now I know my weight fluctuates on a daily basis, and I can hopefully get it down by Sunday's weigh in, but seeing that number on the scale hurt. It was 199.9. I know I've had a shitty week and I tend to be an emotional eater, so I have no one to blame but myself. I can only imagine what the number would have been if I haven't been in walking overdrive this week. I've walked home from work every day this week, and a couple of those days I've tried taking even longer routes than normal home.

I got a good night of sleep last night and I'm going to try and face the world undefeated today. I've got 4 hours worth of podcasts to lose myself in and I'm hoping and praying I'll be left alone long enough to listen.

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Wes said...

Sorry to hear you're up. The way you walk and stuff, you'll be down soon.