Every Day In May - Day Twenty-Three

This is turning out to be a really good day. I took it off from work because I deserved a four day weekend. Well, that and I was getting close to having too much time on my timesheet at work and I didn't want to lose any. My plans for today are mostly not fun, but I don't care. I've got three more days off following today. But I find I'm really enjoying myself. I started off the morning cleaning. So far, I've finished up the kitchen (well, the dishwasher isn't finished yet, but once it is, and the dishes are put away, it'll be done), living room, dining room, the laundry (well, the basket of clean clothes is sitting on the bed... I'll do that shortly), ran to BJ's for cat litter, peanuts and water, took an hour long walk and have about 3/4 of the bathroom done. It's been a very productive day and I'm doing it at my pace, which is the best thing. I'm going to have a clean house and the rest of the weekend to chill out. Kind of. Saturday we have more plans. My friends Lynn & Lori need help. I think we're helping build their new office (is that right Lynn?) and they need Ken's expertise in designing another garden bed. Last year he helped them out with one and it turned out awesome. It'll be fun to get together with them, too. We don't do it nearly enough anymore.

Please enjoy a picture of a midget in a thong.


(F)redddy said...

He sort of looks like a guy named Jeffrey that I used to date.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

One word. Hot. ;)

J said...

Hey Walt,

I'm so excited to be posting a message under my future wife!

I wanted to apologize for the unread portion of my email on WMBYS Episode 31. I meant it to be ironic and funny, and it could have easily come off as creepy. Please forgive me!


Severina said...

Uhm that is just 13 shades of wrong.