Every Day In May - Day Twenty-Nine

I'm a pig. No other way to put it really. When there's food porn around, that's all I'm about. Today at work I come in to find out that Rosey was pissed off at me for not mentioning my birthday again. She realized it yesterday, so she went home and baked a lemon cake and chocolate peanut butter brownies and brought them in today. Rosey is an amazing baker. I bet she could take liver, dog poo and belly button lint and create the most amazing dessert out of it. Anyway, she baked all this goodness and I naturally partook in it. I decided for a small piece of cake and two brownies. Then, when that was gone, I got another brownie. And then a fourth one. They were sooooooo good, I couldn't help myself. Of course I felt like shit after the fact. Who wouldn't? A little while after lunch, I started coming down from my sugar high. That's a terrible feeling because all you want to do is curl up in a ball and take a nap. I figured my walk home tonight was going to be sheer agony, but I was surprised to find that it was very, very pleasant and I even added an extra mile to the walk. I know I didn't undo the damage from today, but hopefully I slowed it down a little. For dinner I made a big ass salad full of veggies. I didn't think I'd be hungry, but I was. These are a couple pics I snapped with my crappy ass cell phone of the food porn.


diane said...

mmmmm...drizzly icing makes everything better! yum!

don't feel bad. its okay to indulge during your birthday month!

xo diane

Melanie said...

I would be hungry if I hadn't just scarfed a meal bar.