Every Day In May - Day Seven

One week down, three more to go!! Yay me!

I've had a weird roller coaster day today. Started out pretty good. I was in a decent mood. Got to work and had an elevator all to myself *and* it didn't stop on the 2nd floor (cafeteria) on the way up. We had a full building fire drill, so I got to be away from my desk for a while. The Employee Suggestion Team, which I'm a part of, had a quarterly celebration, so that meant snacking. Got back from that in time for lunch. How much better could today get? Well, the post-lunch digestion kicked in and I saw my mood go from sunshine and roses to dog poo and death. Okay, maybe not quite that severe, but I definitely did an about face. I'm sure it has everything in the world to do with my snacking at the celebration. I think my blood sugar shot way up and once it started coming down, so did I. Hard. I don't think I've quite made it back to normal yet, but I'm getting close. The walk home from work tonight helped a lot. Not only did I burn off some of the cookies, but I got a chance to just chill with myself for a while. I need that a lot lately, it seems.

Also during my down period today, I started to reevaluate all the podcasts I listen to. I listen to too many, I think. But I sometimes feel obligated to listen to a lot of them. When I got home tonight, I axed a couple. I probably need to axe a couple more, but I'll do baby steps.


Melanie said...

I know what you mean about the plethora of podcasts and the lack of listening time. But darlin', if you don't want to listen to DQYDJ, feel free to delete it from your subscription list. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea -- I know that. And I won't mind, truly.

Walt said...

Oh Mel, yours is one of my favorite new shows. I really enjoy listening to you and Jerry play off each other. You guys are a jewel in the crown of shows I listen to.