Tonight I watched the premiere episodes of Desperate Housewives and the Bionic Woman. Desperate Housewives looks like it's shaping up to be one hell of a season. I really liked tonight's show. The Bionic Woman, on the other hand, was pretty lame. It felt like I was watching something made for the Lifetime Network, but even for Lifetime it was sub-par. Good ideas, but very poorly executed. I know it's only the pilot, so hopefully it will get better. I'm going to give it a couple of episodes before I decide to keep it or drop it. I heard production was halted so that they could retool the show, so the powers that be seem to think it's in trouble already. Part of me hopes it stays sucky so I can drop it and not feel like I'm missing anything.


Alex said...

Bionic Woman looked like it was going to suck it hardcore. Kind of like I suck you hardcore.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

I went in and deleted Bionic Woman from my series record today. I didn't like it, and I'm not sticking it out hoping I'm gonna like it more as it goes on. Plus, I'm over extended on my tv watching already this season!

Mr. Bee said...

I really thought Desperate Housewives was subpar. Bree's storyline is just stupid, Gabriel's story boring, I am so sick of Susan/Teri Hatcher and her inability to be content it makes me cry. Theonly storylien somewhat interesting is Lynette's. But then again I can watch Terms of Endearment if I want to see a really good sotry about a mother dealing with cancer.
And Dana Delaney is the kiss of death. Name one series she was on (except China Beach) that lasted. CB was her only hit. She is the male version of Ted McGinley. The guy playing her husband is not even that cute.
Hopefully the gay couple will perk things up, but I doubt it.
Mark my words, fourth and final season of this crap-fest.
Of course this is just my humble opinion. :)