The Trip So Far (Reader's Digest Version) - Part Two

I'm having a lot of fun. I really needed this.

Everything is a great big blur, so here are the parts I remember.

*Lunch with Michael was fun. I'm still kind of horrified to listen to the lunch podcast we recorded, but I'm equally excited. We also went to his comic shop and I found a couple different Batgirl action figures in the bargain bin. Score.

*It reached at least 101 degrees yesterday. Ken was melting. (He wanted me to make sure I pointed out that the Volvo registered that temp. Because if you listen to the newest QCastCT, you'll understand that we rented a Volvo, not just any old trashy car. A Volvo.)

*Went to Magic Kingdom twice so far. I've officially determined that the Space Mountain track on the left is the preferable one. The one on the right is good, but not as good.

*The room has been a consistant 47 degrees. I didn't come to Florida to freeze my balls off, thank you very much. I got Ken to at the very least turn the ceiling fan off last night. Why I'm not sick is beyond me.

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