Homeward Bound

I'm all packed (except for the computer) and am getting ready to leave. Check out time is in an hour. I'm kind of sad to go, but I'm not devastated. I've never had a vacation this long before. When I was working retail, it was hard enough getting a solid week off. And there were restrictions as to when I could take vacation, too. Anyway, I guess I'm ready to get home. I miss the cats. We've never left them alone for this long before. The most was three days, I think. I'm sure they're fine, but I'm worried about Lucy. She tends to act out when she's not happy. I hope I'm not coming home to a house full of pee soaked furniture or poop covered floors.

The plane isn't until 6 tonight. The only real plan we have for today is going over to the Polynesian for lunch. After that, who knows.


Alex said...

Fisting homework is the worst... you'd be surprised how many people say no when I tell them that I need to fist someone for a class.

Nessa said...

youre on a plane right now!
Have a good night at home with the kitties...Hope it is pee and/or poo free