Labor Day

I couldn't post yesterday. I tried, but Time Warner has having major connection issues. We have our phone through them, as well, and instead of a dial tone, whenever you would pick up the phone, you heard Prairie Home Companion. When it finally did come up, it was still pretty sporadic. So I said "fuck it" and didn't try to post.

What a great day off today was. It was the second Labor Day I think I've ever had off. I always had to work when I was at the store. Days like today I always dreaded because we'd be busy as shit and people would be annoying as hell. Three day weekends were always crazy. What was particularly painful about Labor Day was kids. The week before school was always painful. They knew school was starting and they would be in obnoxious overdrive. Really, the two worst weeks of the year would be the first week and the last week of summer vacation. Just out of their minds obnoxious.

So, since I've been out of retail, do you think I would remember that it might as well be Christmas Eve at the mall? I had a couple of errands to run and one was at the mall. I lasted about ten minutes in there before I had to leave. I also had to go to Target, which wasn't as crowded, but the people were just as terrible. I bought Hello Kitty Band-Aids and that made me feel better.

Ken went in to work today to try and catch up. After my errands, I went to pick him up and we went to McDonalds. I behaved and got a Bacon Ranch Chicken Salad. 260 Calories. Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing. 50 Calories. Four of Ken's fries. They were delicious.

When Ken got home, we ran out to Home Depot to look at grills. Last night I went to go cook chicken on ours and flames were shooting out the front. Not a good sign. So we went looking for a new one, just in time to pack up for winter. :-) Home Depot had a crappy selection. Lowe's was better, but we found the best (for what we were looking for) at Target. And it took so long to pull the thing from the stock room that besides the 30% off it was already marked, we got an additional 10% off. What a deal.

That's my life today.


Nessa said...

My husband works in retail and he is so miserable today. I work in insurance and you would think people would go it's a holiday, lets not write the gecko. Nooooo! Busiest day we've had in months.

I haven't had a salad from Mcdonalds other than the side one. A great thing about salad is I love it, so it will be kinda easy to pick something healthy from the menus :)

glad you had a good day off *hugs*

Just another southern gay guy said...

I thought I hated Time Warner, but when Comcast took them over here, I really learned what bad service is - the internet goes down daily, every day, all day, since they took over, and 5 service calls later, it's no different. Incredibly poor - but I did leave work today about 2pm. That's my holiday. But at least I have a job. Happy Tuesday to you!