My Disney Dining Diary - Day Three

Today wasn't so good.

*Diet Dr. Pepper

Lunch at Cosmic Ray's in Magic Kingdom

*Double Bacon Cheeseburger (at 3/4 of it)
*French Fries slathered in mayo
*Chocolate Cake (ate on bite of it, kind of dry, and all the frosting)
*Diet Coke

Dinner at Boma's at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

This place is a buffet. Always bad news. I tried to behave.
*A slice of prime rib.
*2 pieces of salmon
*2 pieces of chicken
*Calamari salad (basically garden salad with calamari)
*sun dried tomato humus
*white bean humus
*banana bread pudding
*zebra dome (a small pastry of some sort)
*chocolate crunch mousse
*Diet Coke

I still feel pretty bad about my intake today. Just came back in from a 45 minute walk around the resort. This is after Ken and I took a short walk around it.

Here's what's on tap for tomorrow. Click here for lunch and here for dinner menus. What should I have?


Nessa said...

Lunch won't come up for me.

Dinner for me at least would be a Kona Salad, Herb-Roasted Turkey Medallions, and White Chocolate Cheesecake.

Walt I am so jealous! All that yummy food!

And don't beat yourself up about yesterday! Everyone has a junk day, at leasy you went for a walk afterwards. :)

Reat Nek said...

Um...you also had the pita bread with your hummus. Lets get it right =)