I Want

This has been a pretty good year for music. For me, at least. Seems like there are weeks and weeks that go by with nothing new that interests me, and then a ton of stuff comes out all at once. Looks like we're at the "feast" end of this "feast or famine." This coming Tuesday there are going to be new cds by
Melissa Etheridge,
Joni Mitchell,
Nellie McKay
and Herbie Hancock.
Now normally I wouldn't care much about a Herbie Hancock release, but this has two things going for it. One, he's covering Joni Mitchell and two, Tina Turner guest stars on one of the tracks. And if this isn't enough, Annie Lennox's new cd comes out next week, as does Siouxsie Sioux's. I'm glad I get paid three times in October!

I'm still not feeling 100%. My cold is almost gone, it seems, but I've still got a stomach bug. I need to shake this right now otherwise work on Monday isn't going to be fun. I have Tuesday off, which is nice.

I read on Pod Is My Co-Pilot's blog earlier tonight that Alice Ghostley died. I'm really sad. I loved her on Bewitched and she was my favorite part of Designing Women. They're dropping like flies and I'm not happy about it at all.

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