Still sick. Bah! I hate having a cold, especially one this time of the year. I think you're only allowed to feel this crappy during the winter. My symptoms don't jive with the weather outside currently. But I think I got hit going from the heat of Florida to the crisp coolness of the Northeast. I'm not really sure why, since our hotel room at Disney was rarely above 40 degrees. Ken was so excited when he realized we had one of the older style air conditioning units in the room. Most of the resorts at Disney have replaced the old units with motion detector units. If no motion is detected in the room, the air doesn't blow as hard. But we had a unit that stayed on until it was actually turned off. My glasses fogged up every time I left the room. That's how fucking cold that room was. Maybe it was the room that got me sick? I don't know. All I know is I'm giving up Saturday overtime because I feel like crap. We have Sunday overtime this week, which is rare. If I'm feeling better and still feeling poor, I'll go in then.

I weighed myself when we got back. I put on six pounds while on vacation. I was expecting more but hoping for less. I give it a week or two before I drop back down to my pre-vacation weight. Not feeling good also means not getting out there and walking. Again, if I feel better, I will go walking tomorrow. I've got the motivation, just not the energy.

I'm listening to DUSTY IN MEMPHIS right now. I haven't listened to it in a long time. I keep forgetting how awesome it is.

I went back to work on Thursday and spent a good bit of time catching up on the office gossip. My favorite bit was finding out that one person I work with sent around a collection envelope last week because she was fund raising for Alzheimer's. Coincidentally, she was on vacation this week. Not the first time something shady has happened around her vacation and it won't be the last time. I just can't believe the people who actually believed it was for charity.

I got a couple of mentions on the newest episode of QCastConnections. I was really, really happy to hear my name mentioned. It was a great ego boost this morning. Add to this the fact that Rosie baked four cakes for Jeanne's birthday today, I was in hog heaven today. Rosie is an amazing cook and these cakes were so damn good. I had a slice of the chocolate cake and of the better than sex depending on who you're having sex with cake.

I really need to clean my home office/comic book room. It's a fucking pit.


Fairy Princess Holly said...

Maybe it's not a cold at all...probably just allergies! Ask my boss--she would know! Oooh, maybe it's an allergy to work! ;)

Anyway, hope you feel better soon!

I'm jealous of the cake! Cucumbers for a snack is NOT the same!

Walt said...

But don't you feel better about yourself for having the cukes rather than cake? I know I would.