Brett Somers

I was just reading up on some of the blogs I check on a regular basis and saw that Brett Somers passed away on Saturday morning. I'm really sad. Seriously sad. My first thought was of my friend Jay, who obsesses over the Match Game like I do. Actually, as much as I love Match Game (and it's a lot), Jay loves it more. And I think of my friend Michael, whose blog I originally read this on. He was close to getting Brett to appear at his own Match Game show he did in Connecticut.

Back in the day, I didn't really like Brett on Match Game. I thought she was great on the Odd Couple, but I didn't really care much for her otherwise. It wasn't until I rediscovered Match Game as an adult that I really got her. This alone made Match Game even more enjoyable than it was when I was a kid. To lose her and Charles Nelson Reilly in such a close period of time is just so sad.

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