It's raining out. It's forcing us to slow down, which I seem to have an inability to do on vacation. All Ken wants to do is take a nap. All I want to do is attack the parks head on. Today we're really trying to keep a quieter pace. We had lunch reservations at the Sci-Fi Drive In in MGM. So we took our time getting there. Headed straight for lunch (with a quick detour to Star Tours) and then left the park. I made Ken go to Downtown Disney to go shopping before we went back to the room. We got here and fifteen minutes later it started pouring out. So Ken fell asleep and I surfed the internet. Once it stopped, I went out for a walk, getting back just in time for the return of the rain. *sigh*

Magic Kingdom is open until 11 or 12 tonight, so we're going there soon. I just hope this rain clears up by then.

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