The Trip So Far (Reader's Digest Version)

Just a quick rundown of the trip so far.

Early ass flight out of Albany. Bad weather meant for what was probably the worst flight I've ever been on.

Rental car through National. Ken's in the Emerald Aisle Club, which means he can choose any car in that section of the garage. Spent what seemed like forever watching him go up and down the aisle. He found a Volvo and nearly peed himself.

Checked into the hotel and headed out to the parks. First bus that came was for Epcot, so Epcot it was. Had lunch, hit the rides, had dinner, headed back to the room. Put in earplugs because Ken didn't bring his breathing machine thingie. Without it, his snoring could wake the dead.

Today started with me going for a walk around the resort. It's really pretty.

Headed to Animal Kingdom. Got there just as Expedition Everest broke down. Grrrr.... Toured the park and got back to Expedition Everest as it was reopening (score!). Made Ken very, very naseaus. He sat while I rode it again. And again. And again. Seven times total. What a great ride.

Back to the room so Ken could nap. I walked around the resort again, snapping pictures.

After his nap was over, it was back to Epcot for dinner. Thunderstorm began during dinner. Back to the hotel afterwards.

I'm pooped.

Some pics at mybadpictures.blogspot.com and at 12205.blogspot.com

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Nessa said...

seafood barf!

j/k! well no not really, but as long as you like it, that's what's important! I am so glad youre having a good time. I love the pictures :) *hugs*