It Really Is A Small World After All

Today Ken and I went to the Contemporary Hotel. He wanted to rent the little speed boats and go play on the lake. Before we went out to the boats, we poked around inside. It's been a while since we stayed there and wanted to see how the remodel was going. When we got to the 4th floor concourse we were greeted by a cast member. Ken noticed that the hometown printed on her nametag was Kingston, NY. I'm from the next town over. So I say to her that I used to live in Port Ewen. And so we started talking. She said she was born in Kingston, but lived most of her married life in Port Ewen. Right around the corner from where I lived. And then she said her last name. I asked if she was related to anyone named John. She is. It's her son. I went to school with her son John. How crazy is that? She's going home to visit her son next week and she wrote my name down to tell John she ran into me.

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