Sunday night. Desperate Housewives is supposed to start tonight. Am I ready to get sucked back in? We'll see.

I worked my first Sunday at the State today. It wasn't painful at all, either. My loud mouthed neighbor didn't come in to work today. The four of us who sit in my part of the floor did spend some time talking about the loud mouth, though.

The new QCast I was wishing for in my previous entry is now up and running. I'm scared. I think I'm going to save it for work tomorrow, though.

After work today, I went out for one of my walks. I was getting sad thinking about the weather starting to change. It's going to get to where I can't go out walking like I do now. I've really stepped up my walking this year. It's become something I do, rather than something I think about doing. I remember last winter I would go to the mall on Sunday mornings before the stores opened to walk. And I would get off the bus early and walk home for about 30 minutes. Most, but not all days. Ken suggested looking to buy a treadmill. I like the idea, but where would we put it? We don't have a lot of options. I'm all for it as long as he promises he'll use it, too.

I'm at 226 lbs. I'm exactly where I was pre-vacation. I'm a little disappointed, because I thought for sure I was going to be able to hit 225 (or less) for the first time. But no. I can't seem to get below 226. I've been in this area for about two months now, give or take. I should be more frustrated than I am. I hate that the weight has stopped coming off. I still have 26 lbs to go, though 11 lbs is completely acceptable. I need to lay off soda. I've been drinking too much of it and not enough water. My goal for this week is to improve on this.


Nessa said...

I think were the only ones that will think it's funny. But it's ok cause I sure as hell laughed.

Soda, especially diet, is the devil! There is a chemical in soda that makes you thirsty (so you drink more soda) but 90% of the population can't tell the difference between hunger and being thirsty so most people eat :/
So i have laid off it a lot. Water is actually great and it makes your skin glow :)

Fairy Princess Holly said...

I love Coke Zero, but I usually only have 1 per day. The rest is water...I drink gallons! I feel your frustration at hitting a little plateau, but just think how much you have lost since last year!