Catching Up

I haven't posted here since Tuesday. I didn't intend on going that long, it just happened.

*Put in 6 hours of overtime today. Thinking about doing the same thing tomorrow. I need a really nice paycheck. I'm almost completely caught up on that damn credit card. Almost.

*I was bad yesterday. But it's not my fault. Bitch Amiee baked brownies (three varieties, of course) and I had to eat some. I only had the fudge brownie and the peanut butter brownie. Man, they were good. And that's why she's a bitch. Plus, Tom's last day was yesterday and there was retirement cake. It's just plain rude to not have retirement cake. I decided that I would get off the bus early and walk most of the way home, but the sky was looking very unstable, so I nixed the idea. It just started raining when I got off the bus and in the two minutes it takes to get home, it became a nasty downpour. I got soaked. About 40 minutes later the sun was back out but it was much cooler. I grabbed my jean jacket to go for a walk. I haven't worn it in months and months. It doesn't fit the same anymore. When I started my diet, I could only button the bottom button as long as it was under my massive gut. No other buttons. By the time it was too warm to wear it anymore, I could button the whole coat, but it was just a bit snug. When I put it on yesterday, I was amazed at how roomy it was. I could fit a small child inside the thing with me and still button it up. The bottom hem of the coat hangs three or four inches lower than it ever used to. I wanted to cry.

*I'm 100% caught up on everything from vacation. All podcasts are now current, all magazines are now current, all tv is now current. If I didn't waste the last few nights on the computer, I'd be all caught up on current tv, too. And cleaning. I'm supposed to be cleaning right now.....

*Ken's home from New Mexico now. His plane got in late last night. He was still asleep when I got home from work this afternoon. Whatta bum.

*My friends Nessa, Holly & I kind of crank called our favorite podcast last night. I'm afraid that when I hear it, I'm going to be disappointed in my parts. In my defense, I was exhausted when I called in and I was a rambling mess. But I had such a good time playing. Those guys are the best. Now I want a new QCastCT and I want it now.


Nessa said...

We were bad kids. I want to hear Holly's finale!

Anonymous said...

With any luck, you'll get your wish... real soon. :-)

Mr. Bee said...

Blink! (Twitch my nose) Abracadabra! Open sesame! Alakazam! Shazam! Poof!