My Disney Dining Diary - Day Seven

Lunch at Captain Cook's at the Polynesian
*Polynesian Salad
*Diet Coke

Dinner at Nine Dragons in Epcot

*Salad in a Vase - Daikon radish, carrots, asparagus, Romaine lettuce, and fried noodle ribbons served with our delicious House dressing.

*Honey-Sesame Chicken - Batter-fried chicken breast served with a delicious tangy honey and sesame sauce.

*Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake

*Diet Coke


Fairy Princess Holly said...

Your salad is really cool!

Ok, I'm sure you don't notice this on yourself, but look at how thin your wrists are! Your bones stick out! :)

Walt said...

I've always had extra skinny arms. I think that's part of why I think I look fat. My disproportionately skinny arms. LOL!

Nessa said...

I love that salad! That's such a neat idea!


Alex said...

Dear Walter,
You are fantastically pretty.