Fat and Irritated

I'm gaining weight. This is not good. I'm not sure why, either. My eating habits haven't changed lately. The only change I've had is I've stepped up my walking. I can't imagine that's had a negative effect on my weight loss. I would think it would only help it. Sunday is my official weigh in day, but I weigh myself every single day. This morning I was back up to 260. I'm crushed. So I went out for an hour walk today and tomorrow morning I'm going to get up early and go out to walk some more.

Tonight we went out to dinner with Lynn and Lori. We brought them to MJ's, our new regular haunt. Mary Jo comped our meal because we brought in the brand new menus with us tonight. I love when we eat for free. Can't beat it. I love seeing Lynn and Lori. We just don't see each other enough. I wish we lived closer. But when we did live closer, we saw each other less than we see each other now. Whatever.

Last night was Mark's school plays. Man, they were painful. Trying to pick the best actors in each of the grades was kind of hard. There were two grades where neither Ken nor I could come up with two definite winners, so we had to really stretch to come up with them.

The new Doctor Who started tonight in Britain. I can't wait to see this. I'm so happy the show is back.


Gregg P. said...

Hey Walt,

Don't freak out!

Increasing the amount of work you're doing using your legs would likely account for some slight weight gain. Your biggest muscle groups are in your thighs, and walking and running will begin to increase bulk/density in these muscles fairly quickly.

A gain of 3-5 pounds in a matter of a week or two is not too uncommon, really, especially when you haven't been doing much leg work previously and you're a pretty big guy.

The good news, however, is two-fold:

1. Unless you really start working your thigh muscles hard (by doing lots of squats or stair master, for example) your weight gain will level off fairly quickly.

2. More muscle mass = more caloric burn. Your short term weight gain will turn into long term more efficient calorie burning and therefore more weight loss.


Walt said...

Thanks for talking me off the ledge. I can overreact sometimes without thinking. Almost everything you wrote I knew before (except for the part about the biggest muscle groups being in the thighs), but the panic of seeing a slightly bigger number on the scale through me into a tizzy.

I can definitely feel a change in my legs. They do feel a little more solid and a little less flabby.