Happy Monday

I've got 15 minutes before I Love New York starts. I know it's just a crappy clips show, but I do adore trash tv and this brings trash tv to a whole new level. I'm glad the season is almost over because VH1 will start showing Charm School once that happens. Charm School stars a dozen or so rejects from both seasons of Flavor of Love. I just can't get enough tv starring skanky bitches, yo.

Have you ever thought about if they put out a cd soundtrack to your life, what songs would be on it? I've thought about this on and off over the years and still don't know all the songs that would appear, but I thought about starting to compile them. Over to the right on this page, I'm going to start listing them as I think of them. I've got a few that immediately come to mind for whatever reason. Songs that bring me back in time to very specific moments or songs that I really, really identify with. Once I get enough on the list, I should make myself a mix cd.

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