Another Boring Cat Post

I'm taking tomorrow off. It's the 4th out of the last 5 weeks that I've only had to work 4 days. I still don't know why it took me so long to get out of retail and into an office job. I've got a dentist appointment in the morning. Just routine. Cleaning. But I'll get some attitude about my wisdom teeth still being in my mouth. My dentist wants me to have them removed, but it's not as simple as pulling them. They grew in sideways and to remove them means surgery. I'm sure I'll have them out eventually, but they don't bother me at all, so they're staying.

The cats had their annual check up yesterday. Ken brought them. He said Lucy was a champ all during the appointment. She was well behaved, she let the doctor give her shots, she let her poke and prod and with no complaints. Ollie, on the other hand, wasn't having it. At all. He did not have a good time, he hated everything about the visit, he squirmed away from the doctor, didn't take the shots easily. It's pretty amazing how the cats exchanged rolls. You can do just about anything to Ollie and he'll love you for it. You could pick him up by the tail, whirl him around a few times and then throw him into the wall and he'll think it's the best game ever. You look at Lucy the wrong way and she goes into hiding. So for them to act they way they did at the vet, it just boggles my mind. They both had slightly adverse reactions to the shots they got. Neither of them felt good this morning. I know this because neither was interested in breakfast. That was a first. They both walked away from their bowls and went upstairs to lay down. Lucy laid on the bed, Ollie chose the guestroom. They were both mostly back to normal when I got home from work tonight. Lucy was 100%, but Ollie was still a little out of sorts. He should be fine tomorrow.

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