"Cuz You Are On The Welfare"

One of the things I hate is travel planning. Ken's all about it, but I don't like it. He can sit at the computer for hours comparing rates of hotels, airfare, car rentals. Anyway, Ken had me sitting at the computer for two hours this afternoon doing this. He's going to Orlando in May for a work conference and we thought it would be fun for me to go along and spend my days in Disney World while he was at the conference. Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to cost too much money to justify me going. This sucks. I know we're going in September, but a second trip would have been fantastic. If airfare wasn't so much, it would have been a done deal. Oh well. I need to learn not to be so greedy.

I started watching the 3 part Doctor Who extravaganza tonight. The three parts are the actual season premiere, the Doctor Who Confidential, which is a behind the scenes docu about the first ep and finally The Weakest Link featuring actors from Doctor Who. I watched The Weakest Link. I think tomorrow I'll watch the rest. I'm very excited. I'd watch it now, but The Amazing Race is on and I'm addicted to that.

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