Cats In The Cradle

Both cats have insisted on sleeping with us for the last week or so. This is special because Lucy never goes near the bed. The few times she's actually tried, Ollie would start fucking with her and she'd run away. But for some reason, she's decided she really wants to sleep on the bed. Ollie fucks with her and she doesn't budge. Once she has an idea in her head, that's it.

Anyway, they've been sleeping with us and generally making getting a good night's sleep impossible. They have both decided that I make an excellent pillow. Most nights they end up in between my legs, pinning me into position. This is bad because I flip from side to side all night long. When I finally can't deal with it anymore (usually around 3 or 4 am), I sit up and move them. But by the time I lay back down and try to find a comfortable spot, they've repositioned themselves right where they were. I can't win. Almost every morning right around 6am, Ollie finds himself awake and his first thought is to fuck with Lucy. They fight and she finally gives in and leaves. Then he loses interest in the bed and leaves, too. So for the next hour, I can usually rest in comfort.

I'm beyond exhausted right now. As I mentioned yesterday, today was all about cleaning this pig sty. I got a good 85% done today, but it took everything out of me. The houseguests said to expect them around 2:30, so that gives me time to finish up, and it also allows me to try to sleep in. Best of both worlds.

I don't know if I'll get a chance to post here tomorrow. If I don't, it's not because I was lazy. I actually will have a reason.

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