Ollie, my boy cat, is sitting on the computer desk right now playing with a Best Buy bag. He's fascinated by it. He's licking it, tapping it, pushing it, moving it. Utterly fascinated. I just got home from Best Buy. I needed to buy new headphones for my mp3 player. The left phone went out at work today. Early at work. I wasn't happy. I took the headphones from my iPod and tried using those, but there was a weird noise coming through the right phone that doesn't happen when it's plugged into the iPod. So I ran out when I got home and got new headphones. The thought of not listening to music at work hurts me.

Why do I have two mp3 players, you may be asking yourself. Well, I've got a 30g Creative player that Ken gave me as either a "congrats on your new job" present or an early Christmas gift last year. It would have been a Christmas present if I didn't get the new job, he told me. About 6 months ago, I got a 2g iPod free for opening a new bank account. Since the iPod is smaller, I use it for some favorite songs and for all my podcasts. The Creative player is my main jukebox. I've got about 10,000 songs on it. I can't imagine not having it.

I'm exhausted. I've been putting in a lot of overtime again. Last Saturday was going to be my last Saturday for a while, but I think I want to work this coming Saturday and that will be my last one. But I'm not sure I'm going to be able to work it. We've got a Nor'easter coming to close out the season. Suppose to start on Friday night and end on Saturday. None of the weathermen are willing to commit to what is going to happen yet. This is only the third storm all winter and this is the third time they've all been afraid to make an actual prediction. Whatever. So I have one more potential day of overtime before I need to kick it back a little. I have to because my ass is d r a g g i n g . At least I'm going to bed early tonight.

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