Happy Anniversary

One year ago today Ken and I brought home Ollie and Lucy. I'm not sure if it feels like it's been a year. It feels a lot longer. Probably because we've been through an awful lot with them, and by "them" I mostly mean Lucy. She's been a special needs baby since day one. I really don't think she'd have come home with us if we had any idea what a struggle it was going to be, but now I can't imagine life without her. She's such a sweet baby. She still has a lot of issues, but we're working on them every day and every day she seems like she's still getting used to the idea of living here.

Lucy may be a sweet baby, but Ollie is even sweeter. For instance, a few minutes before I decided to write this post, he jumped up in my lap, cuddled up and fell asleep. However, and with Ollie there is always a however, the keyboard is also in my lap and he's making it incredibly difficult to type. This is his standard operating procedure and I've learned to adjust to him.
What else can I do really?
As I said earlier, it was a struggle with Lucy at first. She came home with a nasty case of diahrrea that took us months to fix. The vet found a particular type of cat food that she can digest and have healthy poopies. She's had a couple UTIs, her skin turned all scaley and flakey... She's been on more medications than Anna Nicole Smith, but she's finally mostly all better. She's been acting more and more catlike in the last few weeks and it scares me. She'll play with cat toys, something she's never been interested in before. She'll jump on my lap, another thing she's never been interested in before. For the last two nights, she's slept on our bed with us, something she's never done before. More surprisingly, she'll sleep side by side with Ollie. They rarely do this. The pictures I've posted are deceiving. It looks like they are friends, but it's more Lucy being lazy. She likes to sleep on that perch. Ollie joined her and she was not very happy about it but she was too lazy to do anything about it. You can tell by her expression that she wants him to get inoperable stomach cancer.

What a year it's been. Those little fuckers bring me so much joy. There are days when they are so cute that I just want to cry. And I do. I'm such a pussy.

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