I know I'm not, but sometimes I feel overscheduled. I like to kick back and be mellow. In the last week, we've had houseguests twice. Tonight Ken and I are mystery guest judges at our friend Mark's high school inter-class play. We get to pick the best actors in each of the classes productions and then the overall winning play. This is my second year doing this and Ken's third. It was fun. But all I want to do is lay around the house. Is that bad? Probably.

It looks like we're going to Florida in May. Ken has a training class he's been trying to get approval to go to and he got it today. While he's in class, I'm going to Disney. I deserve it, dammit. And we're going again in September. I'm a spoiled Disney brat. I don't have any of the specifics on the May trip yet, but I will when Ken gets home later.

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