Simmer Down Sarah Silverman

I'm watching tv and realizing I'm having a hard time trying to write this. The tv is too distracting. I think this is my 4th attempt at writing. So I hit pause and now I can hear myself think.

The weather is turning more favorable, which is a good thing. The last two months or so it's been way too cold for me to get off the bus early and walk home. My exercise routine is very minimal. It basically consists of getting off the bus a mile and a half early and walking the rest of the way home from work. Takes about a half hour to do this. It's really the only exercise I get, but at least I'm getting some. I haven't done this since January because the weather wouldn't allow it. But today got up to near fifty degrees and it was prime walking weather. Tomorrow will be the same. I'm glad the weather is changing. I've actually missed walking. And with the re-addition of walking, maybe I can up the weight loss a little more.

You know what I love? Swiss Cheese. I'm going to start a list at the side of this page and just list out random things that I really love. I love the taste a slice of Swiss Cheese adds to a sandwich. Fucking delicious.

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