Have You Ever Seen A Plastic Toilet?

Just about every single year, Ken and I take a vacation to Florida (though he says this year's vacation will be the last one there for a long time...) One of the highlights of the Florida vacations is always the Appliance Direct commercials. They're fucked. They buy up hours of tv and play their commercials back to back to back like infomercials, usually on the weekends. I've been known to sit in the hotel for an hour watching them while Ken gets ready to go out. This is probably my favorite one. After the guy asks the question "Have you ever seen a plastic toilet?" he answers himself with "Why not? White porcelain." White porcelain has become our standard answer to each other to the question "Why not?"


Gregg P. said...

OK, that Appliance Direct commercial is a riot. WHITE PORCELAIN!

Welcome to blogging, buddy!

Walt said...

And I will gladly give up a couple of hours in the Magic Kingdom just to watch these commercials. Go to YouTube and type in Appliance Direct. You'll see a bunch of their train wreck commercials. I want to move to Orlando just to buy a washing machine from them.