107 Wonder Woman Vol. 2: Year One

Wonder Woman is published twice monthly with issues alternating storylines.  The odd numbered issues tell a story set today.  The even numbered issues tell her backstory.  I thought it was an interesting concept.  I appreciate that each story is collected separately.  But after finishing this volume, I realize that doing it this way makes you miss a certain layer of storytelling.  The modern day story and this flashback story feature Barbara Minerva.  I think you'd get more out of the stories by reading them in the order that they're published.  Not to say that you can't read them as stand alone stories.  You absolutely can and they're both wonderful.  In fact, I'm willing to say that my enjoyment of this series is higher than it's been in YEARS.  Greg Rucka is hitting it out of the ballpark with this book.  It's a shame he's already leaving the series.  I feel like he's got a lot more Wonder Woman in him that I need to read.  Also already off the book is Nicola Scott, who is giving some of her best work ever to this project.  This book couldn't make me happier.  We're stripping away the New 52 version of the character, we're pulling elements of the awesome Wonder Woman movie into the book.  It's just fabulous.  You're missing out if you aren't reading Wonder Woman.  For real.

Wonder Woman Vol. 2: Year One
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Nicola Scott, Bilquis Evely
DC Comics

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