094 Aquaman: Kingdom Lost

Honestly, this run of Aquaman from back in the early 2000s was one of my favorite runs on the book ever.  It started with Rick Veitch bringing the character back to basics after the shit show Peter David performed on him.  Gone was the underwater Conan look, gone was the hook.  Although his hand itself wasn't back, a reasonable facsimile was and that was great.  After the Veitch run, John Acrudi came along and gave us a great run.  The Sub Diego years.  A big chunk of San Diego was sunk into the Pacific and with it, many of it's residents turned into water breathers.  It was a great storyline.  It was fun meeting new characters and watching Sub Diego begin to develop into a functioning community.

This volume concludes the Sub Diego storyline and wraps it up nicely.  And this is where I stopped reading Aquaman for a while because right after this, they introduced a brand new Aquaman who I had no interest in at the time.  I decided to go out on a high note.

Aquaman: Kingdom Lost
Writer: John Acrudi
Artist: Leonard Kirk, Andy Clarke, Patrick Gleason, Christian Alamy, Freddie Williams II
DC Comics

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