096 Batman - Detective Comics Vol. 9: Gordon At War

Because I haven't been reading most things in hardback, I've had to wait for the trade paperback version to come out.  This is one series that I've had weird overlap with.  This is the final volume of the New 52 run of Detective Comics, but I've also read two volumes of the Rebirth run as well.  That book is probably the next book to be written about.

I've really enjoyed this run.  It's one of the few consistent New 52 books despite changing creative teams.  This volume is written by Peter Tomasi, who I have always had mixed feelings about.  I think he's a great storyteller, but he's a lousy scripter.  This book is no different.  He's got great ideas, but he gets all caught up in the minutiae of his words that kind of gets under my skin.  For instance, Harvey Bullock is suddenly an expert on things you'd never think of, in this case, space travel.  Now that's not what bothers me, but what bothers me is while reading Harvey's dialogue, I feel like I might as well be reading Wikipedia.  Nitpicky, sure, but it's how I feel.

The stories in this volume are solid and I've thoroughly enjoyed the James Gordon as Batman run.  More than I expected to.  I'm happy Bruce is back and is Batman again, but this was a good run. 

The art by both Fernando Pasarin and Scot Eaton is simply wonderful.  I look forward to their next projects.

Batman - Detective Comics Vol. 9: Gordon At War
Writer: Peter Tomasi
Artist: Fernando Pasarin, Scot Eaton, Matt Ryan, Wayne Faucher
DC Comics

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