104 Spider-Woman: Shifting Gears Vol. 3: Scare Tactice

I'm mad.  Pissed off.  Spider-Woman Vol. 3 ends Dennis Hopeless's epic run on the character.  I went into this book with trepidation.  I love Spider-Woman, but the spin on the character was to give her a baby, change her costume and change her entire tone.  I hated all of that, yet my love for Spider-Woman made me try the book.  And it quickly became on of my favorite books.  Who knew?  But like I just said, this book ends Hopeless's run and makes me incredibly sad.  Like all Marvel books, it's really not a continuing series, it's a mini-series dressed up in regular series clothing.  Seventeen issues is a long lifespan in the current Marvel Comics world, so I should be happy I got this much Spider-Woman goodness.

Like I was saying in my blurb about the Kate Bishop Hawkeye book, this is the type of Marvel book I have been gravitating towards lately.  Funny, grounded, not afraid to poke fun at itself and comic books in general, female lead.  I'm really going to miss this book.  They could revive it under a new creative team, but I'm afraid it's just not going to be the same.  I love this book.  Go buy all three volumes.  I demand it.

Spider-Woman Shifting Gears Vol. 3: Scare Tactics
Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Veronica Fish, Andy Fish
Marvel Comics

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