099 Doctor Who - Tenth Doctor Vol. 3: The Fountains Of Forever

I'm still trying to play catch up with posting my finished books here.  I'm down to about a dozen, plus whatever I'm finishing while I still have this queue.  Anyway....

I mentioned in my last Doctor Who post that I've fallen behind on the Tenth Doctor's adventures because my comic supplier never got the second volume.  Now that I've finally finished it, I felt free to start reading the small backlog I have of this book.  

What I like about this volume is that it could very easily have been an actual television story.  The amount of special effects it would require doesn't seem like it would be enough to break the tv show's budget.  The cool thing about the modern revival of Doctor Who on tv is that moreso than in the classic version, it works at building up the backstory of the companions.  This is no different.  A new companion was created for this series, Gabby Gonzalez.  This story we spend a lot of time with her best friend, something you'd never see in the classic series.  We get to see this story through a fresh set of eyes.  Gabby's friend Cindy realizes that Gabby isn't making up crap about what's been going on with her as she witnesses it first hand.

This is a fun story involving an aging Hollywood actress and an ancient extraterrestrial artefact.  This series makes me realize exactly how much I miss David Tennant's Doctor.  At least we still have new stories, albeit in comic format.

Doctor Who - Tenth Doctor Vol. 3: The Fountains Of Forever
Writer: Nick Abadzis
Artist: Elena Casagrande, Eleonora Carlini, Rachel Stott, Leonardo Romero
Titan Comics

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