I vowed I wasn't going to feel like crap today, and I think I passed that test. Emotionally, at least, and that's really what I meant. Physically, however, my sciatic nerve has been behaving for far too long and decided it was time to act up. Not only is it acting up, it's chosen a brand new location to act up from. I'm hoping I can do a little stretching and it will feel better, but right now it's making it just the slightest bit difficult to move around. It almost feels like a bad pull in the side of my lower back, but different enough to know it's not a pull. I've decided to blame Ollie, who has been choosing new spots on the bed to sleep, forcing me into uncomfortable positions. If he wasn't so damn cute, he'd be booted from the bedroom forever.

For today's Christmas song, I've chosen a song from one of our greatest living entertainers. The song is called "Spooky Christmas" and it's by Dame Edna. Enjoy.

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Topher said...

I've been looking for this track all over the place but to no avail... and this link is dead ! :(

Could you please reupload it ? It would be much, much appreciated. Thank you. :)