I'm sick of feeling like crap about myself, be it for something done to me or something I did myself. Last week was all about external influences. Today, however is a bonehead maneuver I did all by my lonesome. Naturally, I'm beating myself up about it. Tomorrow I vow to have an entire day where I don't feel like a total fucking retard. Twenty-four continuous hours. I don't think it's asking too much.

Today should have been a great day. Jury duty is now a thing of the past (for at least six more years), I was back at work where I was berated for taking time off by everyone I do work for because they were left to fend for themselves. I was told by three different people in two of the meetings I was in today that they couldn't be happier that I was finally back and to not leave again. That kind of stuff makes me feel really good. I'm just the office monkey, but I've made a point of ingratiating myself into everyone's business so that when I take any time off, they realize exactly how much I do for them. My desk is in terrible shape right now. It's amazing how quickly stuff piles up when you take a week off. And it wasn't even a proper week. If you look at it, since it was Thanksgiving week, it was really only half a week since 99% of the office didn't show up on Friday.

Today was so full, I didn't get a chance to turn on the iPhone more than one time once I got to work. That's just bullshit!!!!!

Today's Christmas song is another poopy kind of song since I'm feeling kind of poopy. It's the Joni Mitchell classic "River." I could listen to this song over and over and over again and never get sick of it.


Kevin in Danbury said...

You better not be poopy because of me cause I just won't have that.

Breenlantern said...

You said Poopy *snicker*

Bjorn said...

I adore that song. It has to be one of my favorite christmas songs. I also love the cover version by Sarah McLaughlin.

When I feel down i listen to that song and "have yourself a merry little christmas" and "i'll be home for christmas" in the most sand versions i can find

wcs said...

Great song. Linda Ronstadt also did a version of it.

(F)redddy said...

How nice to be valued though, eh?

I value you too!

Nessa said...

I'm with Freddy! It's great that people at work realize how important you are. Remember that there are people out here on the interwebs who think youre pretty teriffic too.

Luciana said...

"River" is one of my favorite all time songs. I actually have it quoted in my IM status today!

Joni Mitchell is amazing, although I've hear some cool covers of it, too.