Snow, Revisited

It's snowing. I don't know if it's technically still snowing or snowing again. It really didn't stop snowing between the first storm and this one. Not that I really care. The weather is having minimal impact on my weekend plans, which include lazing around, relaxing and being a piece of shit. I have to say that with the exception of the occasional trips outside to shovel the driveway and the sidewalk, mission accomplished.

Ken, on the other hand, has had the shittiest weekend. The weather really made traveling from Kentucky to New Hampshire (where his car is) next to impossible. His Friday flight home was canceled on Thursday. He managed to rebook his flight, but couldn't get anything earlier than Sunday. On Friday he managed to get find one that would get him home a day earlier, but it meant taking three flights. Surprisingly, his first flight took off mostly on time. His second flight was delayed two hours. His third was delayed and delayed and delayed and delayed, but eventually took off. All that left was the drive home, which on a typical day would be four hours. During a heavy snow storm however..... Let's just say I'm happy I was home bundled up with a pile of comics and a full iPod. The thought of that drive.... No thank you.

Sunday is weigh in day. I pulled a 189 on the scale this morning and I wanted to cry. I didn't htink I was going to have two consecutive Sundays in the 180s, especially not after receiving a box of goodness in the mail from this man this week. I apologize for not knowing him better. Of course he sent me the variation chock full of the Exlax to help keep the weight in check. And this woman taught me a trick for the iPhone that allows me to show you my progress on the scale for the month.
You'll note that the box of goodness arrived on the 17th and was half consumed. Note the drop on the 18th. I'm wondering what sort of effect Ken being away had on my weight this week. Now that he's back, I'll be interested in seeing what happens.

For today's Christmas songs, I'm going with two very traditional songs from two very traditional singers. The first is "Merry Christmas" by Wesley Willis. I don't know which of his dozens of albums this song comes from. I don't even remember where I found it, but I adore it. If for no other reason than he reminds us it is a joy month and it is also Jesus Christs's birthday. Not Jesus Christ's, but Jesus Christs's.

"Merry Christmas" - Wesley Willis

The other song is by an equally deceased performer. It's Tiny Tim and it's his hearwarming Christmas standard "Santa Claus Has Got The AIDS This Year."

"Santa Claus Has Got The AIDS This Year" - Tiny Tim

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Fairy Princess Holly said...

Santa Clause has got the AIDS this year.....sounds like something British John might have come up with! That cracks my shit up!