I just got off the phone with Ken. He's not a happy camper. At all. Luckily it's not because of something I did (or didn't) do. No, he's not happy right now because he's trapped in Kentucky for the next few days. With his sister and her demon child from hell. You see, Ken's nephew graduated from boot camp this week, and Ken and his sister went to be there for it. Shelly lives in New Hampshire, so Ken drove up there and the two of them flew to Kentucky together. The plan was for them to catch a flight back to NH at the crack of dawn on Friday (I want to say they had a 6am flight home, but I could be off slightly) and be back in NH late Friday morning. That was the plan, but not anymore. The big winter storm that is hitting here tomorrow is apparently playing a factor in his travel plans. His flight for Friday has already been cancelled. The absolute earliest flight he can now get is on Sunday. The one he was hoping for on Saturday is not available (though I don't know if that's been cancelled, too, or if it's already overbooked.) He's not getting back into New Hampshire now until late Sunday (hopefully). He's been gone since Sunday already and now won't be back home until Monday at the earliest. And that all depends on the next storm, which is due to hit Sunday night into Monday. Poor Ken is fucked. I don't envy him one little bit. He's been trapped with his sister, whom I adore, by the way, all week and he's now saddled with his monster asshole demonseed nephew, too. In Kentucky. For an additional weekend.

I wasn't able to get all the details he was trying to tell me because Louisville, Kentucky apparently has the shittiest cell phone coverage ever. After the third call, he gave up.

As for me, I hate to say it, but I'm a little bit excited to have just a little bit more "me" time. I really don't get enough and when I do have it, I revel in it. If I wasn't taking a week and a half off starting next week, I would have taken some time off this week to enjoy the silence. Him being away the extra weekend is going to give me time to hopefully catch up on my sleep. I really have had the worst sleep I've had in a long time this week. It started last weekend with me not being able to sleep and continued all this week with the cats (well, Ollie to be specific) not giving me the peace and quiet I need to stay asleep. It's really hard to stay unconscious when Ollie decides to attack Lucy on top of me. Repeatedly. All week long. Last night was different, though. Ollie mixed it up by waiting for me to fall asleep and then he cuddled up to me, started kneading and licking my face. Cat tongue plus human face equals pain. When he does this, I stick my hand up for him to lick, which I did when he woke me. But he was in a kneading frenzy unlike anything I've ever seen him do before. Frantic. I had trouble getting back to sleep after that. But I did, until he got another case of the needies around 2 am and starting kneading and licking again. I swear, that boy is going to be the (sleep depraived) death of me. But to keep things semi-normal, he attacked Lucy someplace near 5am. Whatta little lover. Bah.

I'm going to give you two more Christmas songs tonight. One of my favorite Christmas music sets is the Ultra Lounge: Christmas Cocktails series. There are four discs in the series, though the fourth one is a best of the first three. I highly recommend these discs (especially the second volume) for fans of the classic Christmas sound. Both of these are featured on the best of compilation, by the way.


(F)redddy said...

You should meet and lick Sean's dumper since Ken won't come home to you. Bastard. If it were me Walt, I'd get home to you any.damn.way.I.could. Ken's a slacker. A real SLACKER.

Sasha said...

Oh, I have parts one of two! How funny, I didn't think I'd know anyone who would have the Ultra-Lounge Christmas cds. :)