I keep meaning to say this, but never when I'm doing a post. Thank you to everyone who has been commenting on my posts. I love reading the comments and stuff, but I suck out loud at addressing or replying to them. It doesn't mean I don't read or enjoy them, it just means I'm a lazy, good intentioned schlub. I'm going to work on getting better about it.

I don't really have much of anything to say today. I was having an oddly emotional day today. Not emotional in a bad way, but more in a sentimental way. I've gotten back in touch with some friends I've lost touch with over the course of the years and it's felt really good to reconnect. Of course, I owe a couple emails already and I haven't gotten back to them, but they know me and know this is standard operating procedure.

Okay, maybe I wasn't 100% truthful in that last paragraph. It was mostly emotional sentimentality, but I think there was some annoyance in there, too. At work people. Why the hell am I expected to drop everything I'm working on because I need to help clean up someone's desk who is weeks behind on their work.... and not even spoken to about it. I hate that some people are allowed to come in to not work at all, while others are held to completely different standards. This is the one thing that drives me insane about my office. Is it wrong to ask that everyone be held to the same set of standards? I guess it is.

Today's Christmas song is by one of my all-time favorite artists. The song is "(Christmas Is) The Saddest Day Of The Year" by Jill Sobule. I really, really like downer Christmas songs. I don't know why, but I think I really like downer songs in general. They somehow seem more honest to me.


WyldGade said...

At least people bother to comment...you're loved :)
I hate the double standards at work too. The person that won our "CSR of the Year" was the one that does the least amount of actual work. *sigh*

(F)redddy said...

I LOVE reconnecting. Sadly, I always forget to stay connected...but I try.

I heart you, you DOB.

Anonymous said...

Ugh at work situations. I tried working for others for 10 years of my 33 years of working and couldn't do it. I'm back to working by myself. I'm a shut in that way. I can't stand office politics. I don't know how people put up with it.