I Hate...

...having to watch every single thing I eat. I hit my damn goal a few months ago. I shouldn't have to worry about what I'm eating or how much I'm eating. I hate that my body hates me and even thinking of food will drive me up a pound or two.

...how incredibly disorganized Ken is. Disorganized doesn't even begin to scrape the surface. I wish he was only disorganized. Chaotic begins to describe his filing style. Related to this, I hate how Ken can completely trash the house in five minutes flat. Last week when he finally got home from his Kentucky trip, he walked into a spotless house. Within the first fifteen minutes of him being home, he had managed to trash the kitchen, the foyer and the sitting room. Seriously, how does one person do this?

...that I don't ever seem to allow myself to sleep. On Sundays, I don't allow myself to sleep in because I need to get out of the house at the crack of dawn to exercise and grocery shop. Saturdays are my only real day to sleep in and something always screws that up. This morning, for instance, was Ollie. He started in at 5am by climbing on me to knead and lick.

...how much time I sit at the computer, idling time away doing absolutely nothing when I could be somewhere else doing something constructive or productive. I've got a stack of dvds that need watching and I should be doing that instead of doing this.

...disruptions of any kind in my life. I hate unexpected guests dropping over. I hate surprises of most any kind. An example of this happened during Christmas Day when Ken's mother was over. During gift exchange, she hands us a bill for the balance of a loan we took out with her that we were sure we paid back in full. Surprise. And this all ties in with #2 and Ken's chaotic bookkeeping style.


...that I have such troubles with time management. The biggest hurdle with all that is #4 in this list, but it's not the only reason. I don't think I over schedule myself, but it seems that there just isn't enough time in the day to accomplish everything I need to/want to. I lost 7 hours today with company and got almost nothing accomplished that I set out to do.

...that I've reached the age where my body tries to find new and fun ways to betray me. New aches, new pains, new problems. Just when I think I've got one thing all straightened out, something else happens. I'm still too young for all this shit to be happening, if you ask me.

...how I work with a bunch of disgusting pigs who have zero bathroom etiquette. How hard is it to flush the toilet after you're done doing your business? Really? Do you need to stand there and pee while discussing (with your outdoor voice) "the game" with someone across the bathroom? Do you really need to bring the newspaper in there with you like you're at home? Do you need to scrub your hands and arms like you're about to perform surgery? Do your business and get the fuck out of the bathroom.

...that every comic book story needs to be told in six issue increments whether there's one issue or nine issues worth of story. More often than not, it seems that at least three issues worth of that story is padding to get it out to six issues. If I was reading the story as a trade paperback, I don't think it would annoy me as much as reading it in monthly installments.


Breenlantern said...

I hate that you're having a bad day, but I love that you share it with us because you're human and so are we and it's nice to know we're not along in our angst. (Not that I'm glad you have angst, I'm just saying.) Tomorrow will be better...mayhap you need to join us for movie night this week?!?!?!

ManThat Runs with a Blue Sponge said...

Hey Walt... I enjoy your blog alot. Two comments on this list... I have to admit that I like to take my iPhone into the restroom at work when I have to have a sit-down. It makes it much less stressful. 2. Wine? You hate wine? I hope Archerr doesn't hear about this.

wcs said...

Wine? Oh no! Give the grapes a chance! ;)