Mish Mosh Post

What a waste of a day today was. My plans included playing online, reading, napping and watching tv. Ken, who has Mondays off, planned on getting an oil change, going to the allergist and then to his regular doctor. Things didn't quite pan out that way. I remembered I needed an oil change, so he convinced me I should go with him. It would take 15 minutes and then the rest of the day would be mine, he says. Um, yeah. When do things ever go as he promises? :-) It was a 45 minute wait to get the oil done. No big whoop. The guy points out to Ken that his inspection is six months overdue. Oops. So he adds an inspection on to his oil change. Until they check out his tires. He's got a completely bald tire and he isn't going to pass inspection. So he takes off to buy new tires while I wait to have my oil change. I'm to meet up with him when I'm done, which I do. He leaves his car and we go to lunch. Neither of us had eaten yet and it's after two. We went to Panera and ate, then he dropped me off at home so he could go to the doctor. He decided he didn't have enough time to go to the allergist. His doctor is notorious for being behind with patients and today was no different. But, he was only 45 minutes behind, which is good for him. Seriously. After the doctor, Ken went back to pick up his car, then back to have his inspection done. Then he picked me up, brought me to my car and then we headed home. Complete waste.

I don't know what's wrong with me, but I've been exhausted for the last two days. Worse than usual exhaustion. I've been very sore and achy all over and all I want to do is sleep. Yesterday, I awoke a little after 4:30, went and did an hour walk and was back home and in bed by 6:30, then slept until noon, was on the couch and asleep again from about 2:30 to a little after 5, then went to bed and was out like a light by 10. I've been wanting to nap since about 2 this afternoon. I'm guessing I've got another bug of some sort. I hope another hard night of sleep will take care of it. Fingers crossed.

My sciatic nerve has been giving me shit for the last couple of days, too. Since Friday, really. Today I think it's feeling a little better, but with the achy legs, I'm not sure how much of it is the nerve acting up and how much of it is the general achiness I'm feeling. Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow is a much better day. Luckily I'm off of work this week and can hopefully rest up. Especially since Ken goes back to work tomorrow.

Sunday is my weigh in day, as you already know. Yesterday depressed the shit out of me. I weighed in at 194, which is up 5 pounds from the previous Sunday. I know I ate a little more than usual, but I didn't eat 5 pounds worth of extra this week. It really put me in a funk yesterday. I know it's just holiday weight and it will hopefully drop right off, but it still hurt my soul to see I gained 5 pounds in a single week. It's been 12 weeks since I was 194.

Speaking of fat, Ken came across a bunch of my fat pictures that I don't have scanned into the computer. It scares me to look at them now. I didn't think I was as fat then as I really was. I can't believe that was me. I'm really glad he came across them because I need to use them as motivation to stay on track. Here they are:

And for anyone who is newish to my blog, this is what I look like now:


Fairy Princess Holly said...

Hope you kick this bug soon. It's your vacation, you're bit supposed to be sick!!

Thanks for sharing your sciatica with me. It's been driving me nuts all day.

Hopefully tomorrow you get a proper day of beauty! :)

I still can't believe how much you've lost! You look like a different person! Don't worry about the holiday weight. You'll drop it fast. I gained 4 lbs over Christmas, and dropped 3 lbs yesterday. Sadly, I'll be eating crap another 2 days this week. I guess that's why I've put on almost 100 miles on the treadmill already. :)

(F)redddy said...

Your as beautiful in your fatty pics as you are in your fitty pics. Those were an awesome reminder though. You should be so proud. I ams!

Hope you have a better day. I dreamt of Adrian's classroom all night, seriously, and finally dragged myself out of bed at 4 to start looking for my next semester's school books. I feel like I've gotten a lot accomplished today, and the rest of the house won't be up for another hour or so yet!

Breenlantern said...

You are amazing and you should focus on how much you've accomplished. U saw you first as you are now and those pics are like a cgi version of you in someone's idea if a ( bad) joke. I too look at old pics and can't believe I ever was as heavy as I was.

You only fail when you stop trying. The success isn't never gaining again. That's impossible - your body changes as do your habits and your weight will fluctuate. The success is that you have changed not just your body but your habits. Weight loss, walking and good eating habits are now the rule, not the exception. And your anger at gaining wait proves you are a different person now. You will always battle the weight but the weight will never Qin because you are a stronger, better, healthier person now. And you have not just changed your life. You inspire me. I am back to the gym and am re-committing to my weight loss despite being on meds that make it harder because of you and what you have accomplished and continue to strive for. Thank you for admitting it's hard for you, too. I wish I didn't have to work out, eat right, and know the pain of outgrowing clothes or longing for a body or metabolism I'll never have. But I continue to do as much as I can and try to he happy fir how far I've come. Every successful day is a good day. I refuse to let some bad days or choices outweigh all it success ( no pun intended) and I'm not going to let you erase your successes either. I'm proud of you, inspired by you and here for you if you everneed a sympathetic ear or motivation buddy. Keep on keeping on! You ROCK!!!!!

Sevi said...

Doll you focus on the negative. Lets look at the positive.
1. You are LOVELY.
2. You have come so damn far.
3. I know when I say this you will think - Bitch - whatever but...It is only 5 pounds. You know how it got there and more importanly you KNOW how to fix it. Darlin - you have inspired many and continue to do so. Don't let this get you down. If it really does then give it 5 minutes and no more dammit and go on with your life.

erik98122 said...

I still can't even believe those older pics are even you. WOW. I'm so proud of you.

So...I think I may be having that sciatic problem you are speaking of. Did you give it to me? Damn you! Getting old sucks!


Alissa said...

Wow, I've been hearing you talk about losing weight and keeping it off for a while now, but I've never actually seen the "old you."

Really impressive what you've accomplished! A lot of people wouldn't have the willpower and drive. You truly are an inspiration, doing it all on your own (with the support of family and friends, I'm sure, but still...)!